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Lifestyle Branding: Leading By Example

Lifestyle Branding: Leading By Example

When Nike inked a deal with Michael Jordan, one of the biggest sports star on the planet, something incredible happened in the marketing world. Sports figures (and their enviable lifestyles) have been used to selling shoes before, but after the Air Jordan came out, and with the success of Michael Jordan’s stellar rookie year, Nike’s sales skyrocketed because everyone wanted to “be like Mike.”

Social Media Mistakes that B2B Companies Make While Defining a Target Audience

There are many mistakes that B2B organizations commit when promoting their products and services on social channels. These mistakes may seem small at first, but they can produce a lot of “unpleasant” side-effects such as the loss of reputation, customers, and opportunities.

We’ll discuss the mistakes that most B2B companies do while defining their social media target audience. Pay attention and never repeat these mistakes again!

7 Easy Places to Find Your Customer’s Pain Points

Isn’t it annoying to create content, put it out there, and then hear crickets?

You spend all this time designing and writing great stuff. It could be a blog article, website, sales page, email newsletter, or social media post. But when it goes out, no one responds.

You wonder why people aren’t reacting – for some reason they’re not connecting to your message.

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