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Why Blogging Is Still Relevant

In the grand scheme of things, blogging is still a baby. The first blog was created in 1994, not even three decades ago. It wasn’t until 1999 that Blogger launched its free service. Since then, the digital world has experienced an onslaught of new media. More recently, Instagram introduced micro-blogging; instead of turning to a major platform like WordPress, you only have to post a photo and a short description to convey a message. YouTube gives people the tools to create video blogs, while podcasts are a popular form of audio blogging.

These changes beg the question: Does traditional blogging fit into today’s world that’s overrun with a wide variety of advanced media?

How to Embed Social Media Feed on Your Website

Social media is a great way to make your website stand out from your competitors. If you can embed social media feeds on your website, you can not only make your site more engaging and entertaining but also draw in more potential customers. Here is what you need to know about this process, why you should follow this process, how to do it, and ways to ensure that it is successful.

Social Media’s Importance in Marketing Your Company

Social Media’s Importance in Marketing Your Company

In our digital world, a strong argument can be made that your business cannot survive without social media. Taking your marketing campaign to social media platforms is just too important and carries too many benefits to ignore.

Without a strong social media presence, your business will have a tough time trying to compete in your industry, as you can almost guarantee that your competitors have one. If you are part of the tiny percentage of businesses who haven’t implemented a social media marketing campaign or just aren’t sold of its benefits, you’ll find it advantageous to read below and discover the importance that social media has on marketing for your company.

11 Tricks to Create Great Facebook Ad Designs

Facebook is a true giant in the social media world with over 2 billion monthly users. By introducing Facebook Ads, they opened up a new chapter in modern marketing techniques. They provide opportunities for both large and small businesses to advertise their services and engage with the target audience. So if you are currently working on your marketing strategy, keep in mind that Facebook Ads have to be one of the priorities.

So why should you start using Facebook Ads?

How to Create a Social Media Schedule

How to Create a Social Media Schedule

If you create a social media schedule, you’ll be a lot more likely to succeed in your online marketing.

Most businesses starting out on social media try to post as much as they can, or simply whenever they can. Sometimes they post whenever something comes to them. That’s a recipe for failure.

Being successful on social media (getting actual revenue from your marketing efforts, not just likes) requires consistency and commitment. That starts with creating a schedule that you can follow.

Here’s how to get started.

Social Media Mistakes that B2B Companies Make While Defining a Target Audience

There are many mistakes that B2B organizations commit when promoting their products and services on social channels. These mistakes may seem small at first, but they can produce a lot of “unpleasant” side-effects such as the loss of reputation, customers, and opportunities.

We’ll discuss the mistakes that most B2B companies do while defining their social media target audience. Pay attention and never repeat these mistakes again!

10 Myths About Using Instagram to Help Your Business

Maintaining an active Instagram presence is mandatory these days if you are serious about growing your business. However, there is still a significant percentage of companies and individuals which aren’t tapping into the business potential Instagram can provide. The problem is that Instagram is perceived as a network that is mainly there for fun, a platform for college students and teenagers to post their selfies, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

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