Finding the Balance Between Business Structure and Flexibility

Unfortunately, due to years of traditionalist thinking, few leaders know how to successfully balance flexibility and structure into their business operations. It is far easier to follow a “simplistic, outdated organizational model in which leaders dream up strategy, devise a corporate structure to support it, and install systems to make sure employees toe the line.”

8 Essential Google Apps to Run Your Business

As your business grows, it gets harder to stay on top of everything. You forget things, things fall through the cracks, and you just find yourself overwhelmed.

Google offers a ton of free and paid apps that help you run your business more efficiently. Maybe you already use Google Docs or Gmail. Here are some of the top ones to use.

5 Decisions to Make Every Night to Jumpstart Your Work Day

Do you feel like your mornings are rushed, you get off to a frantic and uncoordinated start, and you’re feeling sluggish by midday? It’s because you’re making too many unimportant decisions in the morning. You see, decision-making is actually an exhaustible resource. Making too many choices results in fatigue and poor decision-making. And when you make a lot of them in the morning, you’re wasting energy. The key is to make as many decisions as possible the night before.

5 Online Tasks You Should Do in Bulk to Save Time

During the work day, we do a lot of little tasks that are distracting. From checking email to managing social media, we engage in activities that take only a few minutes of our time, but we divert our attention to them several times a day, if not several times an hour. Yet every time we transition to these small tasks from what we were doing, then transition back, we lose time. We also lose mental focus. By doing these tasks all at the same time, we’ll save time and be more productive.

A Water Bottle Can Improve Your Energy Throughout The Day

A Water Bottle Can Improve Your Energy Throughout The Day

Do you struggle to wake up in the morning, or find that you get tired easily throughout the day? Rather than going to coffee, soda, energy drinks, or supplements, the answer is simply in a bottle of water. It sounds plain, but drinking water is key to increasing your energy and productivity throughout your work day.

The Science of Productive Work [Videos]

Everybody would love to be more productive. So we read blogs and books, download apps, sleep less, drink more coffee, and a million other things to try and get more productivity out of our days. And a lot of it is helpful and works. But rather than solely approaching productivity from a psychological, business, or even technology mind-frame, what if it was science?

How To Sleep Less and Have More Energy Throughout the Day

For many of us that run small business, or are just extremely busy people with a lot on our plate, we all wish that we didn’t have to sleep. So we try to cut back, pull late nights and all-nighters, but usually it just makes us more and more tired. So how we sleep less, and be more productive and energetic throughout the day?

Get Productive & Organized with Wunderlist Task Management

Are you the kind of person that has a million things to do everyday? Have you ever had tasks slip through the cracks, or have your to-do list pile higher? Ever go to sleep wondering what you really accomplished that day? Whether you’re a small business owner or a really busy person, a task management app can really help organize your life.

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