11 Tricks to Create Great Facebook Ad Designs

Facebook is a true giant in the social media world with over 2 billion monthly users. By introducing Facebook Ads, they opened up a new chapter in modern marketing techniques. They provide opportunities for both large and small businesses to advertise their services and engage with the target audience. So if you are currently working on your marketing strategy, keep in mind that Facebook Ads have to be one of the priorities.

So why should you start using Facebook Ads?

7 Easy Places to Find Your Customer’s Pain Points

Isn’t it annoying to create content, put it out there, and then hear crickets?

You spend all this time designing and writing great stuff. It could be a blog article, website, sales page, email newsletter, or social media post. But when it goes out, no one responds.

You wonder why people aren’t reacting – for some reason they’re not connecting to your message.

How to Save Time in Social Media Marketing (Hootsuite Review)

Social media marketing can be extremely time consuming, especially if you manage multiple channels or brands. You constantly have to log in on a regular basis to create post content. It’s easy to forget, and when you do post, it distracts you from whatever you were working on. If you want be more efficient with your marketing, Hootsuite is a service that can save you time.

6 Steps to Market on Instagram Efficiently with Iconosquare

As Instagram grows in popularity, brands are beginning to utilize the platform to increase awareness and drive conversions. But unlike other social platforms, Instagram is a little more difficult for marketers. You can only post from your phone, most interactions take place on your phone, and you can’t schedule things in advance. Instagram doesn’t offer analytics, and if you have a personal account and one or more brand accounts, you’re constantly logging in and out on a phone. So if you’re the only one managing Instagram for your brand, how do you market effectively without wasting a ton of time? I can’t solve all those problems, but I can solve a lot with one tool: Iconosquare.

How to Grow on Twitter Without Wasting Time

You want to grow your brand on Twitter. For a long time, Twitter was an enigma to me. I was pouring a lot of time into it and seeing no results. In my experience of managing other brands, I’ve helped to grow them at a steady pace with very minimal time. That’s the point of this post. It won’t help you blow up on Twitter overnight, but it will help you grow steadily without investing a ton time. Because you have a million more important things to do.

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