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It’s just a fact that everything is better in twos. Imagine all those buy-one-get-one-free deals that you see at your favorite store. How often do you actually leave the store with only one item? Or, think about a peanut butter sandwich without the jelly! Pairs never go out of style, and that’s just a fact. The best thing about good pairs? They make each individual entity better.

Find the Right Fonts: 9 Tools & Resources for Typography

Find the Right Fonts: 9 Tools & Resources for Typography

Choosing the right font is essential for defining your brand, but with thousands of fonts available, it can daunting to figure out which ones to pick.

You shouldn’t pick a font that “looks pretty” or “stands out.”

Choosing a font style serves 2 main purposes. First, it helps your reader read. Second, it sets the tone for the message you want to communicate. If your font is difficult to read, you’ve already failed. That should be the easy part. What’s more difficult is finding a font that matches your brand’s identity.

I’ll share some resources that will help you find the right fonts, but first let’s get some basics down on the font types that are available.

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