Blog Writing SEO Checklist Before You Hit Publish

Blog Writing SEO Checklist Before You Hit Publish

You’ve got your blog post production down and you’re pumping out those articles. But you know that content creation is only one part of getting web traffic to your site – the other is having good SEO.

But you’re either writing so many blog articles or are just too busy with everything else to properly go through all the SEO checkpoints on your post. You don’t always do every single optimization, and you leave a few things out here and there.

It may save a few seconds, but you’re leaving good SEO juice on the table and missing out on a lot of potential web traffic.

7 Ways to Write Better for Your Brand (From Real Copywriters)

If writing isn’t your strength, getting words on the screen can be painful. I’m in that boat. I dread writing. What should normally take someone an hour to write and proofread can take me up to 3-4 hours. And it still comes out with the grammatical mistakes of a third grader. So I asked a few of my copywriter friends to offer up some advice. Here are tips from top copywriters on how to improve writing for your brand.

You’re Losing Traffic & Money from Your 404 Page

We’ve all encountered an error 404 page. It’s when you typed in the wrong url, or clicked a broken link to a non-existent page. You’re usually greeted by a message that goes something like, “Error 404, page not found, please return to the site’s homepage.” It’s not all that helpful. Most sites just leave it there. But did you know you’re losing out on potential visitors, leads, and sales?

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