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10 Content Writing Tools for Project Managers

Any project manager involved in managing a digital marketing project knows that he or she is going to face a lot of challenges related to content. Figuring out how to create great content is one these challenges, and involves writing textual materials that a target audience could find useful and interesting.

5 Best Practices to Write SEO Like a Professional in 2019

Search engine optimization writing, commonly referred as SEO writing, is a common method used by content creators, editors, and journalists and in sites like, housing expert writers to write content which is most related to queries on search engines such as Google and Bing. As a writer, creating search-oriented content is key to having your content get good ratings. Many mistakes are made by upcoming content creators mostly that lead to low ranking and less viewership on a particular page.

7 Easy Places to Find Your Customer’s Pain Points

Isn’t it annoying to create content, put it out there, and then hear crickets?

You spend all this time designing and writing great stuff. It could be a blog article, website, sales page, email newsletter, or social media post. But when it goes out, no one responds.

You wonder why people aren’t reacting – for some reason they’re not connecting to your message.

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