Finding the Balance Between Business Structure and Flexibility

Unfortunately, due to years of traditionalist thinking, few leaders know how to successfully balance flexibility and structure into their business operations. It is far easier to follow a “simplistic, outdated organizational model in which leaders dream up strategy, devise a corporate structure to support it, and install systems to make sure employees toe the line.”

Cybersecurity and User Testing: How Are They Connected?

There are few events quite as exciting as launching a new product or website. However, all of your dreams can be quickly dashed if you do not take the proper precautions to ensure that your investment can last the long haul. Enter user testing, which is a crucial step in every product launch. This process …

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How Brands Can Take the Next Step: From Management to Thought Leadership

Thought leadership has become a pretty common buzzword among many industries, and like other popular terms, it’s tempting to dismiss it as a meaningless jargon invented to help people feel more important. Should the term be dismissed as jargon? Well, the answer is “it depends” — the phrase has an important meaning, but just like words such as “expert,” watch out for people using it frivolously. The signs of a real thought leader are easy to spot, but becoming one isn’t such an easy task.

Mobile SEO Rules Which You Should Follow at Any Cost

Mobile SEO Rules Which You Should Follow at Any Cost

When it comes to creating your business from scratch, there are many things to consider. Using SEO rules to establish yourself on the market and become an expert in your field is essential. Ranking high on Google and other similar search engines should be your number one priority. Using a user-friendly interface, creating CTAs, choosing the proper keywords, and creating your own landing page are just some of the SEO tools that could help your business expand.

11 Tricks to Create Great Facebook Ad Designs

Facebook is a true giant in the social media world with over 2 billion monthly users. By introducing Facebook Ads, they opened up a new chapter in modern marketing techniques. They provide opportunities for both large and small businesses to advertise their services and engage with the target audience. So if you are currently working on your marketing strategy, keep in mind that Facebook Ads have to be one of the priorities.

So why should you start using Facebook Ads?

10 Myths About Using Instagram to Help Your Business

Maintaining an active Instagram presence is mandatory these days if you are serious about growing your business. However, there is still a significant percentage of companies and individuals which aren’t tapping into the business potential Instagram can provide. The problem is that Instagram is perceived as a network that is mainly there for fun, a platform for college students and teenagers to post their selfies, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

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