20 Marketing Lessons to Succeed in 2020

I’ve been in branding and marketing for the past 10 years, but I learn new things every year. That’s because marketing is always changing, and what’s relevant and effective is different of each organization.

his past year, I’ve noticed some things that seem common across most organizations. Here are 20 lessons that I’ve learned in my experience from this past year alone, and how you can use them to grow your own brand in 2020.

Brand Habits That Lead to Success

Getting a business up and running is a difficult thing to achieve. It’s a scary statistic that half of the businesses don’t make it past their first year and nine out of ten don’t make it past five years. It isn’t the most encouraging of stats when you’re trying to make your business a success. We look up to those big, established companies and we can see the divide. While not all of their strategies will apply there are some tips that we can take out of their book in order to create a successful business.

How Brands Can Take the Next Step: From Management to Thought Leadership

Thought leadership has become a pretty common buzzword among many industries, and like other popular terms, it’s tempting to dismiss it as a meaningless jargon invented to help people feel more important. Should the term be dismissed as jargon? Well, the answer is “it depends” — the phrase has an important meaning, but just like words such as “expert,” watch out for people using it frivolously. The signs of a real thought leader are easy to spot, but becoming one isn’t such an easy task.

Find the Perfect Domain & Social Media Username for Your Brand

If you’re creating a new startup or rebranding your current company, here’s what you need to do to make sure your name is remarkable and memorable (and available!).

Brands lose out on so many visitors when people can’t find their website or social media profile because they’re spelling it wrong or can’t remember it. If you want people to remember you and find you, here’s what you need to consider.

I Changed My Business Name After 6 Years. Here’s Why

It wasn’t an easy decision and was months, even years in the making. But after 6 years, it took 2 phone calls for me to finally make the decision to change my business name. In 2010, I started my own little freelance business and called it Spark Up Arts. Now after 6 years, I’m changing the name and domain. Spark Up Arts is now SparkFlow. The domains & social media changed as well:

7 Ways to Write Better for Your Brand (From Real Copywriters)

If writing isn’t your strength, getting words on the screen can be painful. I’m in that boat. I dread writing. What should normally take someone an hour to write and proofread can take me up to 3-4 hours. And it still comes out with the grammatical mistakes of a third grader. So I asked a few of my copywriter friends to offer up some advice. Here are tips from top copywriters on how to improve writing for your brand.

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