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Thank you for considering to write a guest article on this blog. Here's why it's worth it:

High Traffic

This site averages 11,000 pageviews per month with 90% of it coming from organic search, which means your article has a higher chance of being found and read.

Links & Bio

Your articles can contain a DoFollow link back to your site, and you get an author bio below your article with your website and social media links.

Easy Publishing

As you write more articles, you'll be rewarded with greater freedom in writing and publishing your own articles on our site.

Guest Article Guidelines:

  • Original and not published anywhere else.
  • Relevant to marketing or strategy for nonprofits & social causes.
  • Beneficial to readers and not overly promotional.
  • At least 500 words. 750 – 1,000 words is ideal.
  • Can contain one in-content link to your own site. Additional outbound links are welcome, but they must go to beneficial sources other than your own site.
  • No affiliate links allowed.

Article Submission Process:

  • If this is your first time guest writing on this blog, please submit the proposal form below.
  • If approved, you’ll be contacted to submit your article.
  • You’ll be able to log in and write your article.
  • We’ll review, make any necessary edits, and publish.

Guest Author Status

  • New Guest Authors will submit articles via the Article Submission Form.
  • After 5 published articles on our site, Guest Authors will receive their own logins to the website, where they will be able to write articles directly and submit for review, with a faster revision process.
  • After 15 published articles on our site, Guest Authors will have the ability to publish their own articles on an agreed upon schedule.
  • After 25 published articles on our site Guest Authors will be eligible for receiving payment for successful articles, as well as use affiliate links.

If you want to submit an article that promotes your brand or want us to review your product/service, please take a look at Sponsored Articles.

Guest Article Proposal

Guest Post Pitch
Please include a few sentences to pitch your article idea. If you just list title ideas, your submission will be ignored.
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