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Monthly WordPress Maintenance Services

Better Safe Than Sorry

WordPress is one of the best platforms to build on, but it needs to be maintained. An outdated site can easily break or be hacked, and without backups, you can lose months or years of hard work in an instant.


The most common WordPress hack is through old plugins. Keeping your website up to date is important to protect against them. We’ll update your WordPress platform, themes, and plugins weekly, and make sure your website still looks great.


As your website grows and changes, it can get bloated and slow down, causing you to lose visitors. Optimizing it your regularly will ensure it's running slim and fast. We'll clean the backend of your website weekly and make little tweaks to speed it up.


If your website gets hacked, it could mess with your design, or worse, steal private information. Protecting your site means putting firewalls in place and checking for break-ins. We’ll scan your WordPress website daily for malware and instantly remove any infection.


If your website gets hacked, you make a mistake in editing, or hosting server go down, you could lose everything. Making backups of your WordPress website in an outside location ensures that it's safe if anything happens. We'll backup your site to a cloud drive daily and be able to restore the copy instantly.

WordPress Maintenance Plans


Updates, backups, optimization, and security of WordPress site

2 months free if paid annually

Additional sites at $15 each

Maintenance + Work

Maintenance plus unlimited basic edits (text & photo changes, repairs of mistakes)

2 months free if paid annually

Additional sites at $25 each

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