Real Estate Website & Logo Design

for Stonefarm Enterprises

The Client: James Lazo

James and his family have a business remodeling homes before they go on the market. They have a reputation for taking rundown fixer-uppers and transforming them into beautiful, modern homes. Due to the quality of their work and word of mouth, their business was starting grow quickly.

The Project: New Logo and Website

James already had a great business, but he needed to build a brand to truly grow. His company, Stonefarm Enterprises, had an Instagram account. But they needed a logo and website. The logo had to be clean, professional, and versatile. The website needed to showcase the homes they remodeled and truly display the transformation.

The Results: A Platform to Launch a Brand

We created a clean and modern logo that was versatile for different uses. Along with that, we built a website that could truly showcase their work. Before/after image sliders throughout the site help visitors get a true sense of their house transformations. Photo galleries display the beautiful end result of their remodels. A clean white and black color scheme puts the focus on their photos, while also echoing some of their home design style. The website is fast and mobile friendly.

Most importantly, we made the website with business growth in mind. Each page has prominent calls-to-action, giving users every opportunity possible to schedule a meeting with the company.

Steven created a website far beyond our hopes!! We were so impressed with his ideas, designs, and speed. Steven helped us begin to truly build our brand, establish an online presence, and grow our business. Thank you!!

James Lazo


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