Mosaic Whittier Church Website

A Creative Church in Los Angeles

Mosaic is a diverse and artistic megachurch in Los Angeles, California. Though their main campus is in Hollywood, they have multiple satellite campuses through southern California and also throughout the world. Each of their campuses run semi-independently, and one of those is Mosaic Whittier.

Mosaic Whittier is a smaller, family-oriented church in one of the suburbs of Los Angeles with a warm and close-knit community.

Mosaic Whittier Needed a Trendy But Welcoming Website

Mosaic Whittier had initially created a website on Squarespace. They chose a clean modern template to try and match the design style of their main Mosaic campus. However, the constraints of Squarespace kept them from doing much with the template, so the site ended up being a little bland.

Old church website on Squarespace

Mosaic Whittier needed their site to be more lively and communicate more information about what was happening at their church. They wanted to match the artistic aesthetic of the main Mosaic site, but with the warmth that would appeal to families.

SparkFlow Created a Trendy Yet Warm Church Website

We maintained the clean black and white design to keep consistent with their branding, but added life through large, edge-to-edge photos on each of their pages. The photos show different people from their church, giving as sense of familiarity and community.

Large edge-to-edge photos of their members create a welcoming & lively feel

White space and clean lines and boxes maintain a modern feel. We also added multiple forms throughout the site for prayer, updates, and service opportunities so visitors can easily connect

White space and boxes create a modern feel

Mosaic Whittier Now Has a Lively Website That Reflects Their Community

Mosaic Whittier has a really trendy, modern, and artistic site that is in line with the creative culture of the church. They’ve been able to have more people sign up to their email updates and contact them due to the simple, mobile-friendly forms throughout the site. Proper SEO also helped increase visits to their website through Google search, exposing them to new people looking for a church in their area.

Mobile forms help increase congregation engagement
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Janine Ripley Administrator, Mosaic Whittier

I couldn't be happier with our Mosaic Whittier website! The layout is so simple but classy, cool, and easy to navigate through. The look for each page of our site has similarities but with its own flare of originality. It fits our community perfectly! We're not only thrilled to show off our website but the professionalism and punctuality of SparkFlow has led us to have complete confidence in them. We will (and do) always recommend them to anyone looking to build a website of any kind.

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