Government Program Website & Print Design

for Hart Health Services

The Client: Beau Brower

Beau has extensive experience serving in the criminal justice community and addiction treatment. He is highly respected among judges and attorneys. With this background, Beau was starting a new business to provide rehabilitation classes and seminars mandated for those finishing their sentences. His course goes beyond just education though, it seeks to help individuals achieve true life transformation.

The Project: New Website and Booklet

Beau needed to present his business and offerings of classes as a professional and preferable option to the courts. His new company, Hart Health Services, needed an online presence to provide information about their program and help allow people to enroll. He also needed something in print that could be handed out.

The Results: A Professional, Presentable Business

We created a professional website that presented Hart Health Services’ programs in a compelling way. Enrollment and payment was made simple. To accompany the site, we also created a mini booklet that mirrored the website’s content and design. Now Beau has all the tools he needs to present his courses.

Steven did a full design and layout for my marketing brochure. He was able to grasp my vision and elaborate with new ideas. He worked effectively to meet my timeline and was responsive during the entire project. Great experience!

Beau Brower


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