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A Professional Artist & DJ

Bobby Duran, aka Bobbito the Chef, is a national-renowned DJ that produces events all across the country. He needed a hip, engaging website that would showcase all the events he does to potential clients.

Bobby Needed A Hip Promotional Site

Bobby was getting a lot of gigs DJ’ing, mostly by word of mouth. When presented with the opportunity to be referred by a big client, he was told he needed a decent site first. Bobby had done well with a simple, one page site which just featured his contact info. But his publicist said they needed a more professional site if they were going to promote him.

This is what his old one-page site used to look like:


Old single page website

SparkFlow Created a Digital Showcase

Bobby had some great pics from all the events he’s DJ’d at, so those photos would be the primary showcase for the site. The design is a simple, modern-retro feel to show Bobby’s unique style. His homepage pulls in feeds from Twitter & Instagram, along with Bobby’s DJ calendar so it clearly communicated active schedule. Other pages showcase photos, videos, and sample tracks from his past events.

Presenting services in an engaging way.

To market himself to his target client base, I wrote most of the website’s content and focused it on the experience Bobby would provide for weddings and conferences. Added with the tons of positive testimonials he’s gotten, the website shows the high level of quality Bobbito the Chef brings to any event.

Bobby Has a Pro Site to Match His Talent

Bobby now has a bold and trendy site that shows his clients his skill and professionalism.


Visit the new website at


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Bobby Duran

So many people have commented on how amazing the site looks thanks to SparkFlow!

Promote Your Services Online

If you provide services, it’s important to show your audience the experience they would have if they used your service. This requires engaging photos of your service and narrative copywriting. Learn more about how a website redesign help engage more customers.


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