Government Program Website & Booklet: Hart Health Services

Government Program Website & Print Design for Hart Health Services The Client: Beau Brower Beau has extensive experience serving in the criminal justice community and addiction treatment. He is highly respected among judges and attorneys. With this background, Beau was starting a new business to provide rehabilitation classes and seminars mandated for those finishing their […]

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Private School Website – Whittier Christian HS

A Private Christian High School Whittier Christian High School (WCHS) is a private school in Southern California. It prides itself in providing quality education programs, small class sizes, competitive sports teams, and a solid Christian environment. WCHS Needed a Marketing Website As a private school, WCHS doesn’t automatically get students. They have to actively recruit

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Mosaic Whittier Church Website

A Creative Church in Los Angeles Mosaic is a diverse and artistic megachurch in Los Angeles, California. Though their main campus is in Hollywood, they have multiple satellite campuses through southern California and also throughout the world. Each of their campuses run semi-independently, and one of those is Mosaic Whittier. Mosaic Whittier is a smaller, family-oriented

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Africana Journal Website

A Small But Important Academic Journal Africana is an academic journal started by Dr. Christopher LaMonica. It focuses on issues concerning Africa, but plays the unique and important role of having articles written by Africans. It is a publication of the African Studies Department at Boston University. Dr. LaMonica Needed a Website That Showed Legitimacy Dr

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