Inbound Marketing is About Telling Stories & Becoming Human

Marketing is a part of any business, large or small. This very website and company I run is focused on marketing. But Marketing often has a negative connotation. It’s associated with spammy ads, personal data mining, and aggressive sales pitches. The truth is, no one really likes marketing or being marketed to.

Hubspot is a popular marketing company focused on inbound marketing – the strategy of attracting customers with quality content rather than intruding on them with ads. They created this short video that speaks a little into their philosophy.

It ends by saying, “When we transform the way we do business, we become remarkable. We become more human.” Having done marketing for both companies and nonprofits, I know that the world of marketing can be obsessively focused on conversion rates, posting schedules, A/B testing, ROI, and a million other sets of analytics to sell the most with the least amount of cost.

Yet as we often forget that we’re telling stories to real people on the other end. Sure, there’s a science to it, but it’s also an art. We’ve forgotten that if we just do good work and treat people well, we build brands that people will naturally love.

Give us your insight – how do you make your marketing more human?

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