How to Choose a WordPress Theme for Your Academic Services Website

The first impression is of significant value in the digital world. In a matter of a few seconds, your website will be judged, and the visitor can choose to stay or leave. But not every business owner is a website wizard. That is where WordPress enters the scene to smooth things out.

WordPress websites are one of the most preferred platforms in the world. WP comes with a myriad of themes with multiple designs, attributes, and functionalities. For a newcomer, choosing a WordPress theme would be confusing and even overwhelming.

Especially if you are offering academic services, the website has to be sharp, responsive, and crisp. The competition is this particular niche has never been so high. It is necessary to dress up your webpage to drive consistent business. If you are stuck at this first level of setting up your online platform, here is all you need to know about the next stage.

About the Design

For any website, the design is the first aspect that a visitor would notice. It has to be decent, catchy, and simple. By now, you know which audience your academic service is catering to. Irrespective of the age categories, the common group here is the students.

Even though you are an independent service, it is best to associate your site with the look of an educational platform. It adds more authenticity to it. To accomplish this goal, go for neutral colors instead of bright ones.

Use elegant designs with no overpowering elements to add a professional touch to the appearance. Striving for simplicity always works out best. Remember that the visual appeal is always amplified by exceptional images.

About the Responsiveness

Making a responsive website is no longer a mere option but a necessity. Students will often start their search for academic services right from smartphones. While frantically browsing the list of custom essay writing websites, the last thing they want is to wait a few minutes for a page to load.

Responsive themes can adapt their layout across different screen sizes. Regardless of whether the audience is using phones, tablets, or laptops, your website has to be easily accessible and modified to the screen size.

Most of the WordPress themes available today are responsive by default. Still, it is your responsibility to look into the speed optimization of your website. You can further take a mobile-friendly test on Google to see how the site is performing.

About the User Experience

In spite of having a catchy design, your webpage would still fail without offering an efficient user experience. UX is what connects the whole package by allowing fluid navigation between the different landing pages to grab the attention of the audience right away.

A student needs to easily access the services, without being confused by the navigation. The easier the steps are, the more approachable your business would be.

Nailing this dominating factor has to involve studying the patterns of user behavior from your target audience to implement UX strategies. Your WordPress theme should be able to present this in the best possible way. Remember that you can also customize the options to get the most out of the layouts.

About the Audience

An academic writing service mainly caters to two public user categories, students and writers. If your platform is serving as a connecting point between both, then you need to ensure that it functions well from both perspectives.

In short, there are three main classifications of access: administrators’, students’ and writers’ ones.

Each of these will have a different set of categories and options exclusive for the target market. A few of the most important attributes include registration, personal account pages, ordering pages, and payment choices. It is also wise to include a history and progress tracking option.


Apart from the functionality, it is also necessary to demonstrate that your webpage can deliver reliable services. With high competition in the niche, it is essential to stand out. WordPress has an extensive library of plugins for any use. This could further help in making your page and business more attractive.

Adding testimonials and student reviews will make your brand more relatable and genuine. You can also include links to social media pages and comment sections to increase the engagement of the website. WordPress page builders and plugins make it easier to add more elements to the page pertaining to academics.

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Final Words

Sometimes there is a reason that the most successful websites have a similar layout. They have repeatedly proved to be efficient and bring value to the business. There is no necessity to always have a unique appeal but rather a more approachable page setup.

For an academic platform, the highlight is the services you offer. It ultimately comes down to the quality and consistency of your assistance. Think from a student’s point of view and arrive at conclusions that will facilitate exemplary services.

Guest Article by Jenine Wing

Jenine Wing is an ardent writer and bibliophile. She is currently working as a freelance writer with EssayPro, an educational platform offering custom essay writing services for students across the world. Her fields of work also extend to web development with a strong design background.

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