Get Your Small Business Competing With The Big Brands With Effective PPC

When it comes to online marketing, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Fine-tuning your PPC efforts can have an enormous impact on the results you see, and when done right, can help you compete with even your biggest competitors. Here are some tips to get you started in making the most out of your PPC campaign.

Be Proud of Your Roots

Big companies can sometimes get lost in themselves – they lose their identity and their ability to connect with customers on a personal level. That’s one great thing smaller companies have in their corner – they have a level of intimacy that just can’t be found in their larger competition.

When you’re putting together your PPC campaign, take advantage of the smaller scale of your business, and bring that feeling of familiarity right to your customers. Let them get to know you, your history, and the staff. Bring them into your circle and make them feel a part of the community – it’s a feeling you just can’t get with a large corporation.

Then, once they decide they want to learn more about you, make sure they have a website that’s easy to navigate through. If it isn’t easy to get through, you will quickly lose them. This includes mobile browsing too, as there’s an even higher chance that mobile users will move on if they can’t quickly get the information they’re looking for on your site. Bringing them into your community, then giving them an easy online experience in navigating your site helps boost your chances of a higher conversion rate.

Target Long-Tail Keywords

It may seem more logical to go with the top keywords being used in the field of business you’re in. But, it’s actually much more effective to use long-tail keywords because there’s actually a higher chance for getting a sale in the end. This is because when someone is searching for something quite specific, they are more likely in the later stages of the buying process.

When someone is searching for something specific, it’s because they know exactly what they’re looking for. Someone searching for ‘tours in America’ may still be in the research stages, unsure exactly of what they’re searching for whereas someone searching for ‘tours of the Grand Canyon in March’ has a better idea of what they want, and is more likely to follow through with a purchase. So, although there may be far fewer individuals searching for your long-tail keywords, the chances of a sale happening in the end are much higher.

Write Compelling Copy

A customer has absolutely no obligation to you or your product – they can simply move on and find the next, more enticing company to do business with. It’s completely up to you to convince them to want to click on your ad, read your copy and ultimately make a purchase. “Many people think the battle is over when the customer clicks on an ad – but in many ways, it’s just beginning. Once they’ve given you the chance to compel them, it’s up to you do get the job done. Keep them interested and wanting more and make it easy to find what they’re looking for,” BritStudent Project Manager, Lillian Walsh states.

One of the reasons why they will choose you over any other is because you offer them informative, well-written and compelling copy, with exclusive offers and information. One way to compel customers to read on is to offer them incredible promotions to try your site out. A great first-time customer promotion can help drive sales and create loyal, repeat customers.

Create a Cohesive User Journey

Deciding which landing page from your website will be included in the PPC advertisement is important. It’s where your customers who click will end up, so you want to make sure that they’ll be excited and interested enough to stay and keep looking.

It’s not just a matter of getting them to your website – you need to bring them to exactly what they’re looking for. “If the ad they’re clicking on is for winter jackets, but they land on a page advertising shoes, they’re likely to back out and search somewhere else. But, directing them to your most popular winter jackets or a promotion for a current sale would be a much more effective way to keep them interested,” explains Manuel Miller, Senior Marketer at Australia2Write.

Tip Rewind

Successfully PPC campaigns are attainable for any business of any size. Just remember these tips for creating your profitable and effective PPC efforts:

  1. Use your small business size to your advantage.
  2. Long-tail keywords are less searched but have higher conversions.
  3. Engage customers with a high-quality, interesting copy.
  4. Direct them to the areas of your site that are most relevant to what they’re looking for.

Written by Adelina Benson
Helping to develop effective marketing strategies for online businesses, Adelina Benson works as an email marketer and writer at PhDKingdom and NextCourseWork.

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