How Do I Get More People to See My Posts?: Understanding Facebook’s Edgerank [Infographic]

You’re a brand with a Facebook page, and you want people to like your posts. So you post everyday or every couple of days some pictures, status updates, or links about your company, but no one is liking them. What’s going wrong? You may have great content, but good looks isn’t everything – there’s a science to popularity.

Who Sees Your Post?

The answer is not everyone. A lot of people are under the impression that if they post something, all their followers will see it and so should respond. But the reality is that only 16% of your fans will actually see your post. Why?

People follow tons of brand pages. I myself have probably liked a few hundred. If I saw every single post from every brand, it would feel like an annoying never-ending commercial. So your Facebook newsfeed doesn’t show everything. It uses some super advanced computer to filter and show you only a selection of posts from everyone you follow. How does it do that? The answer is your guide how you should do Facebook marketing.

How To Be Popular on Facebook

Facebook uses 3 factors to determine what post appear:

  1. Affinity – your relationship based on interactions
  2. Weight – the value of a post, photos have more weight than text updates
  3. Time-decay – newer posts are more important

What does this mean? You should post often. You should posts pictures. And here’s the most important one: you should post… NOT about yourself.

What? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of Facebook marketing? Think about human relationships. We like people who talk about things we’re interested about. We get annoyed with people who talk about themselves all the time. Therefore we hangout with people we like more often. Same thing on Facebook.

Contrary to what brands may think, people don’t like hearing about the latest update to their company. So if you post a lot about that and people don’t respond, you end up appearing in their feed less and less. People like funny & inspiration things. Post that, and people will like and share it, and you’ll show up more in their news feed.

This preps you for the occasional time when you have an important announcement to make about a product or service, and guess what? People will see it in their newsfeed, because they’ve already established that relationship with you.

Interested in finding out more? Check out this infographic:

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