8 Essential Google Apps to Run Your Business

As your business grows, it gets harder to stay on top of everything. You forget things, things fall through the cracks, and you just find yourself overwhelmed.

Software has already helped organizations in a big way, from accounting to hosting websites to managing projects. Getting the right online apps can help you both grow your business and be able to sustain that growth.

Google offers a ton of free and paid apps that help you run your business more efficiently. Maybe you already use Google Docs or Gmail. Here are some of the top ones to use.

Google Apps to Stay Organized

1) Google Drive – Online Storage & File Collaboration

google apps - google drive

Google Drive has become the staple of most organizations. It’s a combination of online storage and file editing/collaboration.

Google Drive comes automatic with any Google account and you get 15 free GB to store any file online, though you can pay to have that expanded.

Within Google Drive are more apps, including Google Docs which is like Microsoft Word, Google Sheets which is like Excel, and Google Slides which is like Powerpoint. The great thing about these apps is that they’re online based so you always have the latest version and can have multiple people editing the same file at the same time.

2) Google Calendar – Sync & Share Events

google apps - google calendar

Everyone needs a calendar, and this universal one helps keep you and your team in sync.

With Google Calendar you can have your whole team subscribed to the same calendar so every can see meetings, special events, work schedules, project timelines, or anything else you can add.

You can also have multiple calendars for different areas of your life, like Work and Family.

Google Apps to Streamline Communication

3) Gmail – The Best Email Out There

google apps - gmail

Almost everyone has Gmail account, but you can also use Gmail as the platform for your company email. Now this doesn’t mean you create a ‘yourcompany@gmail.com’ account – you should never do that! (at least not use it publicly).

But you can use yourname@yourcompany.com on Gmail instead of the ugly default email your hosting provider gives. It starts at an affordable price of $5 per user per month. This is actually a G Suite subscription, and gives you some extra space on Google Drive.

4) Google Hangouts – Get Rid of Email Clutter

google apps - google hangouts

If you work with a remote team or just want to declutter your email, Google Hangouts will massively improve communication for your team.

It’s basically a chat/messenger app for anyone with a Google account. If you have remote team members, it’s easy to keep everyone in the loop. If you’re all working in house, it helps reduce the number of emails bouncing around when you just need short quick questions or updates.

Other features include group chats, sending images, and video chats.

5) Google Voice – Get a Business Phone Line

google apps - google voice

For solo businesses or large teams, Google Voice can serve very specific purposes. It is a digital phone number that can connect to multiple devices.

If you’re a one-person shop. you might not want to give out your personal cell phone to the world. get a Google Voice number and have it ring your cell phone or other devices.

If you have a team and existing phone system, you can have the Google Voice number be your one public number, and have it ring different members on your team at their lines.

Everything is digital, so you can put in rules or browse transcribed messages just like emails.

Google Apps to Market Your Business

6) Google Analytics – Track Visitors on Your Website

google apps - google analytics

If you have a website, and you should have a website, Google Analytics is an essential component.

With a small piece of code that you can put on your website (or connect it with a plugin on WordPress), Google Analytics will track all your website’s visitors and give you ton of useful information on how people are getting to your site and what they’re doing on your site.

Being able to see the analytics will help you make smart decisions that grow your business.

7) Google Adwords – Show Your Brand to New Audiences

google apps - google adwords

One of the best and fastest way to get new leads and new customers is through Google Adwords.

By crafting the right ad, you can pop up at the top of Google’s search results and drive new customers to your website. It would help to take some time to learn about it though, because you can end up wasting a lot of money on it.

8) Google My Business – Get Found in Google Map Searches

google apps - google my business

Often overlooked, Google My Business greatly improves your web presence if you have a physical location.

When people search on Google or Google Maps for a business, yours may show up higher in the search results if they are near you. It also enables people to leave reviews for your business, which could help convert some customers.

All You Need is a Google Account

It’s easy to get access to all these services – all you need is a Google account, which is also free. It doesn’t have to be a Gmail account. You can take your existing work email address and create a Google account with it.

If you already have a Google account, all these apps are available to you, it’s just a matter of activating them.

There a lot more free Google apps, but these are some of the most helpful and the ones I use the most. Are there any helpful Google apps that your organization uses?

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