Effective Visual Content Marketing Ideas for Your Ecommerce Business

Visual marketing is employing imagery and graphics to convey a message to the target customer groups. For example, when you decided to go with infographics instead of a traditional blog, you invested in a visual marketing strategy.

The need for visual stimulus in marketing is increasing steadily as millennial buyers have less and less time for reading elaborate copies and blogs. Graphs, images, videos, and graphic designs have a greater impact on potential consumers since they make the message more conspicuous.

Here is why you may want to think twice before disregarding visual marketing:

For example, the presentation of the five reasons in a basic graphic form grabs the attention of readers more efficiently and prompts them to read through. Visual marketing boosts one’s curiosity, interest and focus to the critical information hiding in the content.

Here are seven ways you can boost the visual quotient of your brand starting from today!

Begin Making Product Videos

Product videos tell everything about the featured product, brand image, and quality. The video you make need not be professionally shot. Make a simple one that showcases the USPs of your brand experience, products, and services.

Videos can contribute to your buyer’s shopping confidence. It can nudge them towards the end of the sales funnel by providing them with critical information that they don’t have to read off a blog, article or product description.

Watching short videos is always fun. Cross-promote your videos on social media platforms. Include long-tail keywords and branded keywords in the video description to make it easier for the target audience to find you.

Invest in Customized and Personalized Labels for Your Products

Sometimes, you need to think offline, when ideating marketing ideas. We recognize products from our favorite brands from their labels. Capitalize on this practice and think about creating interesting customized content for your products.

Several brands have utilized customized branding to mobilize user-generated content on social media and stir conversations around their brand on forums and communities. Customized labels from the industry leading and knowledge driven service providers like iCustomLabel are excellent options for businesses looking to create an impact with their predict packaging.

Including interesting short messages on the wrapper, funny cartoons on the label or adding branded hashtags on the product label for accessing contests on social media are all great ideas that can contribute to higher brand visibility.

Give Your Data Content a Visual Boost

Generating new content and coming up with new ideas can be challenging. Sometimes, all you need to do is revamp your old content from your archive.

Explore old material and turn them into flowcharts, infographics, animated videos or images. Repurposing old content complete with links to your original content can boost your site’s traffic and increase the dwell time per user session significantly.

Research shows that revamping old content can contribute to your website SEO irrespective of the lack of paid advertising and sponsored promotional campaigns.

Work on Your Slideshare Content

Slideshare has become an integral factor that drives brand awareness and product popularity. Apart from posting promotional information, you should consider educating your target audience in terms of utilizing your products and services.

Slideshare can increase your brand visibility, unaided recall, and brand popularity considerably. Additionally, developing content for Slideshare complete with images, flowcharts and graphs is a small investment compared to the exposure it provides to your brand.

Send Out Real Cards and Coupons to Subscribers via Post

Real cards and coupons can seem outdated, but customers often pay more attention to customized cards they receive via post more than emails. Mostly, promotional emails end up in the spam or “updates” section of the inbox anyway.

Custom label companies have changed the branded card, custom label and personalized invitation game for brands all across the US.

Think about investing in customized prints. You can send conventional greeting cards before the holiday season, special coupons/cards for special occasions (like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day). Include QR codes, bar codes or a unique combination of digits and alphabets that will lead the recipient to your site’s offers section.

Create Original and Humorous Memes for Social Media Channels

No one can place a hand on their heart and say that they do not like memes. Memes are hot and they will remain so for years to come.

Now, it is your chance to leverage the power of memes on social media. Create humorous, witty and relevant memes and post them from your brand’s page. Include your watermark or brand logo, so when your followers share the meme they will also promote your brand.

It is an organic way of promoting a brand’s presence on social media channels. It is easy, smart and cost-effective. You don’t have to worry about PPC or CPC. Just create original content and have fun with it!

Opt for Shoppable Images on a Website and Social Media

The new trend on social media (especially Instagram) includes the utilization of shoppable images. These are partially interactive images with embedded links that can take the viewer to the selling page of each product featured in the image.

It is comparatively new and you can explore the practice with the help of your website developer team. Begin with Instagram’s shoppable images and then proceed to invest in more dedicated modules for your blog or website.

Visual impetus always works more effectively as compared to text content and podcasts. We like to watch small videos, boomerangs, Instagram stories and SnapChat stories on our way to work, during lunch or before falling asleep. Very few have the time to sit and read long text content.

Marketing is not about spending more. It is about being smart! Be smart and invest in bespoke visual content for your upcoming marketing campaigns to drive visibility, traffic, and sales.

Guest article written by Smith Willas

Smith Willas is a freelance writer, blogger, and digital media journalist. He has a management degree in Supply Chain & Operations Management and Marketing and boasts a wide-ranging background in digital media.

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