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We will take 5 minutes to review your website or social media platform and provide honest feedback in the form of a video.

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Here's what you'll get in a video review


Screen Recording

See what I'm looking at & referring to as I make comments.

First Impressions

I won't research your brand before starting the video review, so you'll get an honest first impression.

Comprehensive Feedback

Get reviewed on design, user interface, & messaging.

Due Praise

If something is great, it'll be noted & affirmed.

Helpful Critique

If something needs improvement, it'll be pointed out honestly.

Actions Steps

You'll get quick & actionable tips to make immediate improvements.

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Get a video review for free by allowing us to use it publicly for marketing on our website, emails, and social media.

  • 5-minute PUBLIC video



Get a private video review that only you have access to.


  • 5-minute PRIVATE video



Get a private video along with a PDF report that you can distribute.


  • 5-minute PRIVATE video
  • PDF Report

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