Is a Company Blog Worth the Investment?

Is a Company Blog Worth the Investment?

You’ve heard that it’s important to have a company blog for your website, but is the return worth the investment?

Maybe you’ve seen other companies in similar industries have a blog and are considering starting one for yourself.

Or maybe you’ve already started a blog, but it’s not getting you the results you expected. It took a lot more time than you thought and you’re not seeing any growth in your company.

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Besides, there are a lot of other mediums for marketing that yield much more direct results, such as paid website ads. Let’s take a look at some of the major forms for marketing and their pros and cons.

Print advertising is untrackable

Print advertising is untrackable

Print advertising is very tangible and reaches a broad audience. This could include billboards, magazines, or mailers.

However, print advertising is untrackable, so you don’t know the success of your campaign or the return on your investment. There’s no way to know how many people have seen the ad. There’s no way to know if people found the ad engaging. And there’s no way to know how many of those people became customers because of your ad.

Print advertising can be good for mass awareness, but the effectiveness of that promotion is unknown.

Social media is short lived and disruptive

Social media is short lived and disruptive

Social media is great for reaching people where they’re at. Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social network enables you to reach and interact with new audiences and their friends. But social media runs into a few problems when it comes to marketing.

First, it has an extremely short lifespan. A single post will last a day at the most, and as short as just a few minutes before it disappears from a person’s feed. Therefore, social media requires frequent and continuous activity to be effective.

Also, social media is intrusive by nature. People are on social media to interact with their friends. Having a brand interrupt that with a promotional post can be annoying and make people less likely to respond.

Digital ads require constant spending

Digital ads required constant spending

Digital ads are a great form of marketing because the results are immediate. You can also set your bid amount, so your ROI data is extremely accurate. Online ads can come in the form of video, banners, social media, or search results.

However, digital ads require a constant input of money. Your ads, and consequently your results, only run as long as you keep spending money. There’s also a high risk factor involved, because a poorly designed ad campaign can result in a lot of money spent with little to no results.

Blogging is a smart long-term investment.

The primary marketing channels mentioned above have their unique advantages. If done correctly, they can be highly successful for your business. But as mentioned they also have their decision.

Blogging is a low cost and low risk form of marketing, but you won’t see the immediate results that you might get from other channels. Investing in marketing through blogging is just that – an investment. The results could be exponential in comparison to the time and resources you invest in it, but you have to be in it for the long game.

So if you’re looking for a marketing strategy that invest in your business, here is why blogging is the best channel.

Blogging is invitational

Other forms of marketing interrupt. They force a message into someone’s attention who’s not looking to buy anything.

People read blog articles because they want to. They only get there by searching for and finding them. So you’re reaching people who are already interested in what you have to offer.

Blogging qualifies real leads

Other forms of marketing tend to target potential customers by demographic. These are external factors such as age, race, gender, education, occupation, location, or other characteristics that might apply to a potential customer. But it’s unable to take into account interest and intent. That means you could be sending your message to somebody that might be the type of person who would buy your product, but they may not necessarily want it.

When someone reads a blog article, they’re searching for an answer to their problem or desire. If your blog addresses those issues, you get readers who already want your product.

Blogging is highly measurable

While print advertising is difficult to track, most forms of online marketing are easily measurable. Among them is blogging, which offers a higher level of tracking than most other channels.

In addition to tracking reach and conversions, blogs can track more intangible measurements such as engagement and interest. For example, time on page and heat maps can track the reader’s engagement level as they read. Links and calls to action throughout the article can determine a reader’s interest and direction.

Blogging is sustainable

Most of the content that you create for marketing has an expiration date. You either have to keep creating new content or keep spending money for that channel to be effective.

But blog articles are created once and can last for years. In fact, my most read blog post every month, and the one that generates the most leads, was written several years ago. Though consistent blogging is best for overall growth, you could stop blogging and the articles that you’ve already written will continue to bring in traffic and leads.

Blogging is cost-effective

The cost-effectiveness of paid advertising is directly tied to the money spent and the income generated within that timeframe. The value of a social media post is limited to the hours or minutes that it is seen in people’s feeds.

Since blog articles have such a long shelf life, and often pick up more web traffic the longer they’re up, their value actually grows overtime.

Say you spend two hours writing and publishing an article. And say within that first month, you get a good number of leads and a handful of sales from that post. Maybe it’s a few hundred dollars. But that article continues to produce the same results month over month without you investing any further time into it. A year later, those two hours you put into that blog article could be worth several thousand dollars.

Good Investment Requires Good Strategy

A blog is the best marketing investment you can make in your business because it gives you the best results for the effort you put in. Starting and growing a blog for your company will build you a foundation that enables you to scale and automate sales.

But a lot of companies create blogs and don’t get any results from them. They end up being abandoned and in some cases, work negatively against the company because they give the impression of inactivity.

But just like any investment, simply doing it doesn’t guarantee success. You have to do it the right way.

If you just write articles on random topics or whenever you have time, your blog will never grow. But if you strategically write on topics that reach your target market’s problems, are optimized for search and readability, and leverage those blog articles to generate new leads, your blog will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your company.

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