Tips for Monitoring Your Online Reputation

Throughout most of history, an individual’s reputation could be managed by personal interactions, local rumors, backroom gossip, and the occasional good deed or public service announcement. However, as society has shifted laterally to newer forms of networking, the priorities of maintaining the reputation of both people and companies have changed as well.  At this point, …

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Why User-Centered Design Is So Powerful

Creating a blog and curating quality content is a key marketing strategy for many different companies these days — but simply creating a website doesn’t automatically equate to success. In fact, there are many different elements that go into a profitable blog or website, one of the most important of these being a user-centered design. …

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Mobile SEO Rules Which You Should Follow at Any Cost

Mobile SEO Rules Which You Should Follow at Any Cost

When it comes to creating your business from scratch, there are many things to consider. Using SEO rules to establish yourself on the market and become an expert in your field is essential. Ranking high on Google and other similar search engines should be your number one priority. Using a user-friendly interface, creating CTAs, choosing the proper keywords, and creating your own landing page are just some of the SEO tools that could help your business expand.

How to Embed Social Media Feed on Your Website

Social media is a great way to make your website stand out from your competitors. If you can embed social media feeds on your website, you can not only make your site more engaging and entertaining but also draw in more potential customers. Here is what you need to know about this process, why you should follow this process, how to do it, and ways to ensure that it is successful.

Turning a Real Life Audience Into a Social Media Following

Acquiring followers is a particular challenge for businesses on social media. People tend to freely follow other individuals, but are wary of following businesses for fear that their timelines will become filled with promotional content.

If you’ve recently created a social media presence, or are looking to expand it, one promising source of followers is the people who already interact with you! Customers, clients, even potential customers you meet during real life outreach efforts. The trick is getting them to remember you for long enough to check you out on their mobile device or computer.

Just What Are Accelerated Mobile Pages And What Do They Mean For Your Business?

Since the debut of accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) in February 2016, this alternative option for mobile web users has become immensely popular. In fact, little more than a year later, there were already more than two billion pages powered by this technology.

So what exactly is an AMP? What makes it so powerful? And how can you apply this growing technology to your web design strategy? Here’s everything you need to know to get started, plus a little more to help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

5 Common Website Mistakes Companies Make

Even though a website may look pretty and professional, there are really common, overlooked mistakes that many companies make that actually hurts their business. Here are the top ones that you can easily change to decrease your bounce rate and increase your leads and sales.

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