How to Center Your Brand on Your Customers and What They Want

There are many reasons someone may want to become an entrepreneur. Maybe they are focused on profits or want to be their own boss. Some may just be looking to make their hobbies and passions lucrative. And of course, others may have specific creative visions they would like to share with the world. Despite the …

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Tips for Monitoring Your Online Reputation

Throughout most of history, an individual’s reputation could be managed by personal interactions, local rumors, backroom gossip, and the occasional good deed or public service announcement. However, as society has shifted laterally to newer forms of networking, the priorities of maintaining the reputation of both people and companies have changed as well.  At this point, …

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Why Blogging Is Still Relevant

In the grand scheme of things, blogging is still a baby. The first blog was created in 1994, not even three decades ago. It wasn’t until 1999 that Blogger launched its free service. Since then, the digital world has experienced an onslaught of new media. More recently, Instagram introduced micro-blogging; instead of turning to a major platform like WordPress, you only have to post a photo and a short description to convey a message. YouTube gives people the tools to create video blogs, while podcasts are a popular form of audio blogging.

These changes beg the question: Does traditional blogging fit into today’s world that’s overrun with a wide variety of advanced media?

Why User-Centered Design Is So Powerful

Creating a blog and curating quality content is a key marketing strategy for many different companies these days — but simply creating a website doesn’t automatically equate to success. In fact, there are many different elements that go into a profitable blog or website, one of the most important of these being a user-centered design. …

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Why Truth in Advertising Is More Important Than Ever

Why Truth in Advertising Is More Important Than Ever

Gone are the days when a company can say anything on a TV commercial and not be challenged by it. Only 20 or 30 years ago, there was no social media presence keeping companies honest and no Google reviews to indicate whether the claims were true or false. Transparency is needed, and no patented “secret” is going to fly in the age of digital marketing when it comes to explaining how your product works.

4 Automation Trends to Watch in 2019

Automation made major waves in 2018. Implementing the technology in a range of different industries has contributed to more efficient and streamlined processes, improving service and simplifying tasks. In the new year, we will continue to see automation’s impact on everything from customer service to marketing and manufacturing. Here are a few expected automation trends to come in 2019.

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