3 Major Components of Effective Marketing

Marketing is an essential part of any business, but what is marketing? Marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses a number of methods used to curate the image of your company in order to build awareness of, and respect for, your brand, all of which translate in a more productive and successful business. However, its …

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Marketing Tips for Transitioning to Online Communications

The Coronavirus epidemic has upended businesses across the globe. As companies scramble to maintain a semblance of their previously bustling business activities, many have opted to shift as many of their operations to the cloud as possible.

If your company is attempting this transition to a remote work platform and online marketing strategy with little-to-no prior preparation, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind to help things go as smoothly as possible in the weeks and months ahead.

How a Magento Programmer Can Upgrade Your Online Store

E-commerce seems to be gobbling up the retail world. Some of the most established brick-and-mortar retail brands like Toy “R” Us have liquidated and closed their doors. On the flip side, the digital world has become an exciting space to be, with enterprises establishing digital brands to tap into the online market. And with the …

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The Role of Remote Workspaces for Marketing Leaders

Just how important are the spaces where we work? From the color temperature of your office’s lighting to the technology you use every day, the physical environments that you and your team work in can have massive effects on your employees’ productivity, engagement and overall wellbeing as they put in their 40 hours. As the …

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20 Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2020

Digital marketing is constantly changing. What’s working one year may be obsolete the next. And what’s unheard of one year could be the norm for the next.

For 2020, these are the marketing trends that I see will be most important to pay attention to and adapt. Some have been slowly growing for years and are reaching a tipping point. Others came out of nowhere due to advancements in technology.

You may not be able to adopt all of them, but find the trends that will best match your brand’s growth strategy for 2020.

Finding the Balance Between Business Structure and Flexibility

Unfortunately, due to years of traditionalist thinking, few leaders know how to successfully balance flexibility and structure into their business operations. It is far easier to follow a “simplistic, outdated organizational model in which leaders dream up strategy, devise a corporate structure to support it, and install systems to make sure employees toe the line.”

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