20 Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2020

Digital marketing is constantly changing. What’s working one year may be obsolete the next. And what’s unheard of one year could be the norm for the next.

For 2020, these are the marketing trends that I see will be most important to pay attention to and adapt. Some have been slowly growing for years and are reaching a tipping point. Others came out of nowhere due to advancements in technology.

You may not be able to adopt all of them, but find the trends that will best match your brand’s growth strategy for 2020.

Why Blogging Is Still Relevant

In the grand scheme of things, blogging is still a baby. The first blog was created in 1994, not even three decades ago. It wasn’t until 1999 that Blogger launched its free service. Since then, the digital world has experienced an onslaught of new media. More recently, Instagram introduced micro-blogging; instead of turning to a major platform like WordPress, you only have to post a photo and a short description to convey a message. YouTube gives people the tools to create video blogs, while podcasts are a popular form of audio blogging.

These changes beg the question: Does traditional blogging fit into today’s world that’s overrun with a wide variety of advanced media?

10 Content Writing Tools for Project Managers

Any project manager involved in managing a digital marketing project knows that he or she is going to face a lot of challenges related to content. Figuring out how to create great content is one these challenges, and involves writing textual materials that a target audience could find useful and interesting.

5 Best Practices to Write SEO Like a Professional in 2019

Search engine optimization writing, commonly referred as SEO writing, is a common method used by content creators, editors, and journalists and in sites like, housing expert writers to write content which is most related to queries on search engines such as Google and Bing. As a writer, creating search-oriented content is key to having your content get good ratings. Many mistakes are made by upcoming content creators mostly that lead to low ranking and less viewership on a particular page.

Turning a Real Life Audience Into a Social Media Following

Acquiring followers is a particular challenge for businesses on social media. People tend to freely follow other individuals, but are wary of following businesses for fear that their timelines will become filled with promotional content.

If you’ve recently created a social media presence, or are looking to expand it, one promising source of followers is the people who already interact with you! Customers, clients, even potential customers you meet during real life outreach efforts. The trick is getting them to remember you for long enough to check you out on their mobile device or computer.

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