Tips for Using CRM in Your Marketing

Your Customer Relations Management strategies and software should be able to work seamlessly with your marketing efforts because both are focused on increasing sales. While marketing is sometimes viewed as an effort to bring in new customers, if you are not advertising sales and new products to existing customers, then you are missing a large part of your target audience. Using CRM in marketing campaigns means developing a comprehensive strategy for maintaining current customers while appealing to potential ones.

Look at Your Overall Business Strategy

The first step in creating a CRM marketing strategy is to look at the goals and plans your company has for the year and quarter. This will give you an idea of your target sales, a timeline for product releases, and your unique selling position. If your company’s goals include releasing a new product or service every quarter, creating an ambassador program, and expanding into a new market overseas, then you will know that your strategy will need to include a marketing campaign for new releases in multiple countries as well as recruiting brand ambassadors and creating a program for them.

Have the Right Software

CRM software is designed to put the tools and metrics your customer relations team needs all in one dashboard. It allows you to create lists for different types of clients, access necessary customer accounts and even track how active those accounts are. With the right platform, your CRM and marketing teams can build email lists for each promotion or product release based on customer personas, so you are sending out targeted newsletters tailored to spark interest.

Track Your Interactions

The interactions your teams have with customers should follow the customer journey from initial interest through to repeat sales. When you track this journey for each client, you will know what type of marketing they need for the next step and can prompt them with an email or call. It is important to make notes of any interactions with clients in the past so you can review what is working and avoid sending repeated advertisements. Having a record of each interaction can also help team managers see which customers have outstanding questions and which representatives are meeting goals.

Evaluate Strategy and Lists Regularly

Team managers for both CRM and marketing should be in the habit of checking the dashboard daily to see if there are any pending questions for them and how the numbers are looking so far. Taking this habit a step further, by regularly comparing the strategy to the sales, can help your teams make small changes to the plan as needed to keep on track for your goals. This can mean purging your mailing lists of customers who have been dormant for extended periods or refining your customer persona to better reflect the target audience if you are seeing a drop in numbers of emails sent out compared to traffic on the page linked in them.

Learn From Past Campaigns

Using data analytics to compare the marketing and customer relations campaigns you have done in the past can help you see who your target audience is, and which tools or techniques were most effective. You can use this to determine what your most popular advertisement has been and incorporate some of those elements into your current marketing. You can also see which elements of past strategies to avoid or include in your current one.

CRM software can be used in your marketing to create a comprehensive strategy for appealing to both current customers and potential ones. Using customer relations techniques such as developing a customer persona can help you tailor marketing campaigns to your audience and tools included in CRM platforms can help your team guide the customer through the journey from interest to sale time and again. When building your goals and plans for meeting them, it is a good idea to build on what has worked in the past while embracing new innovations.

Guest Article by Kevin Gardner

Kevin Gardner graduated with a BS in Computer Science and an MBA from UCLA. He works as a business consultant for InnovateBTS where he helps companies integrate technology to improve performance. He shares his knowledge and expertise not only with his clients but with his fellow bloggers and readers.

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