The Future of The Internet

Technology has become a large part of your life. You can order groceries, work from home, and talk to family and friends due to advancements in this field. As the internet connects people from one part of the world to the other, it will give you the opportunity to meet new people, control most of your life with a computer, and take care of your body better than you are now. Here are a few predictions on the future of the internet.

Your World Will Be Smaller

With the entire world connected together through the internet, you will get to know people from other countries with different cultures. As time goes on, this will increase until your social circle or work group will include individuals you only know virtually. As technology advances, your apn will connect quicker to the network and become more personalized, making your interactions with your new friends or colleagues nearly instantaneous. These new bonds give you the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other, learn about someone else’s life and the land that they live in, and nurture peace and understanding among each other. 

Devices Will Monitor Your Health

Like many technological gadgets today, your smart phone or watch can monitor certain aspects of your health, such as your heart rate or the amount of steps you have taken. However, in the future, these devices will be able to observe even more medical information about you, which will give you an early warning if you ever need to go to the hospital. They will also be able to send the files they assemble to your doctor, so that they can establish a course of treatment before you arrive to be treated. They will also be able to track outbreaks of diseases. This will allow them to monitor what parts of the world are affected so that measures can be taken to keep others safe. 

People Will Be Cognizant of What They Do Due To the Internet

There are stories now of people who have had their behavior displayed on the internet, specifically social media, for the world to scrutinize. As technology advances, this will be an increasing trend. You, as well as others, will second guess what information you post before you follow through to ensure that you show yourself and any organization that you represent in a positive light. You will evaluate if you want to publish personal photos of your family and friends since it will be easier for the public to see and possibly steal them. As the World Wide Web evolves and using it becomes a daily occurance, those that use it will be more cautious of what they say or do to preserve their reputation. 

Privacy Will Be an Issue

As you are aware of today, large corporations install cookies on your computer when you are visiting their websites so that they can discover what interests you and what you might be shopping for at the moment. They use this data to offer products or discounts to you in hopes to convince you to buy these things. In the future, this practice will increase and possibly get more advanced in its presentation. The business will be able to offer a virtual item to you to inspect and possibly place it where it should go on your body or in your home. To do this, they will need to take even more data from you, imposing on your privacy. 

Life Will Be More Virtual

Virtual Reality, or VR, is a very popular tool today. In the coming years, this technology will be used for more than playing video games. Information will be given to you throughout your day on devices that you will wear, such as glasses. Life could be a mixture of the real and a computer generated world. You will be able to operate machinery, make a phone call, or do other tasks with these units instead of using a computer or tapping a button. The environments that you know will blend into one that is guided by the internet instead of nature. 

More Sophisticated Devices

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, will become even more a part of your life than they are now. When exchanging messages with each other, you will only have to say what you want to convey and your device will send it. There will possibly be an electronic piece that goes into your ear that will facilitate this communication with your computer. It can create a pleasant universe for you by shutting out noise that is less than favorable with you and replacing it with sound that relaxes you. It could also translate a foreign language for you, making it possible to talk to people from other countries. The internet has become a big part of the world today. With the new devices being designed, the connections between users, and the increased use of virtual reality, you will become more dependent on it in every aspect of your life.

Guest Article by Kevin Gardner

Kevin Gardner is a avid writer and father of 3 boys.  He enjoys writing about business and marketing.

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