Mobile SEO Rules Which You Should Follow at Any Cost

Mobile SEO Rules Which You Should Follow at Any Cost

When it comes to creating your business from scratch, there are many things to consider. Using SEO rules to establish yourself on the market and become an expert in your field is essential. Ranking high on Google and other similar search engines should be your number one priority. Using a user-friendly interface, creating CTAs, choosing the proper keywords, and creating your own landing page are just some of the SEO tools that could help your business expand.

As mentioned before, creating a business from scratch involves a great deal of patience, planning, and resilience. To help you get there, take the following into consideration:

  • First, design a battle plan and map out solutions for any problems you might encounter.
  • Second, target your audience and use appropriate techniques to reach out to your customers.
  • Third, use technology. Since the internet has grown so fast and mobile phones have become so popular, designing special applications for your services is crucial.

Since the number of young entrepreneurs entering the job market is quickly rising, you must distinguish yourself from the rest if you want to shine. Thus, following specific SEO rules is vital if you want to be successful. Here are some!

Be User-Friendly and Use Smart CTAs

Since our society uses mobile technology so often, it’s way easier for people to pull up their phones and search for what they’re interested in than open their laptops every time they want to find something.

Keep in mind that designing an app comes with certain requirements. For example, using a user-friendly interface is essential. Customers dislike being confused and overwhelmed by endless information. Therefore, you must choose a simple interface that is easy to follow and facile to understand. Some tips:

  • Create qualitative content.
  • Keep menu items short in description length.
  • Underline CTA links. (Side note: CTA stands for call-to-action. Usually used in marketing campaigns, CTAs are specific instructions to the audience that produce an immediate response. For instance, the “Buy Now” button that you see on every website, or the “Free Trial” button – they’re all CTAs. These advertising techniques are a good way to attract customers into buying our products or using our services.)
  • Create smart CTA buttons.

Choose the Right Keywords

Keywords play an important role in bringing traffic to your website. Therefore, respect the following:

  • Use a balance of keywords. Using too many keywords is not good, yet not using enough keywords is disadvantageous as well. Keep a balance between the two.
  • Use keywords in your titles. Begin your articles with keywords, end your articles with keywords.
  • Use proper images and image descriptions. Use keywords in the descriptions.

Here are some website names that might help you find the right keywords:

  • Google Trends
  • Accuranker
  • SEMrush
  • Term Explorer

Use Online Tools for Help

Malena Grey, a freelancer at Huffington Post, shares her opinion. “Getting external help is important nowadays. Multitasking is so overrated! You can’t do everything on your own, it just takes too much. Let other online tools do the heavy work for you. In the meantime, take time to solve problems and deal with different campaign situations.”

We selected some of the few websites we think are important, so feel free to take a look and use them if you’d like.

  • Citation Machine – In case you get inspired by others, don’t forget to cite their work and avoid plagiarism.
  • Quetext – Then check and see if your work is original.
  • Subjective vs Objective – Remember the grammar.
  • – Get help with your writing and respect the basic rules.
  • Ginger – Then check punctuation and spelling.

Make Pages Load Fast

You must optimize your website according to your customers’ needs, and what clients need 100% of the time are pages that load fast. Waiting whole minutes for a page to load is extremely inconvenient. If customers are not redirected to your page in less than 5s, they lose patience, and you lose money. Try a load speed test to see where your website stands.

Create Your Own Landing Page

By creating your own landing page, you show trustworthiness and reliability. When running marketing campaigns, you won’t be able to fit everything into one page. Thus, having a B-platform helps customers understand your product better. Landing pages are effective if used properly.

Get Rid of Pop-Ups

Clients are constantly bothered by pop-ups. They show up out of nowhere, slow down the internet speed, and have a negative impact on the website’s friendly interface. They limit the clients’ availability to browse through your website, and it decreases their patience levels.

Find other ways to fund your business. Don’t pay diverse companies to advertise on your webpage. You really don’t want to lose your customers – this short-term positive impact on your funds transforms into a long-term awful impact on your popularity.

Watch Out for Interactive Media

Multimedia content slows down your browsing speed and decreases the performance of your website, especially on mobile devices. If you do plan on using multimedia content, compress it properly beforehand. Ideas:

  • Use short content, such as short videos or recordings.
  • Choose only highly impactful multimedia tools.
  • Avoid using interactive media as much as you can. Replace it with interactive content writing.

Test, Test, Test

Last but not least, testing on all devices is a vital part of the process. Try your app on iPhones, Androids, tablets, and any other device of the kind. If your performance is high, you’re all set. If it’s not, improve it until you come to the desired result.

Wrapping it Up

Following the above SEO strategies is essential for any business owner. Bringing traffic to your website and creating a well-designed mobile app should be two of the most important elements in your marketing campaign.

Written by Audrey Lamp
Audrey is a proactive journalist who likes to get knowledge, analyze and present fresh ideas.

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