How to Save Time in Social Media Marketing (Hootsuite Review)

Social media marketing can be extremely time consuming, especially if you manage multiple channels or brands. You constantly have to log in on a regular basis to create post content. It’s easy to forget, and when you do post, it distracts you from whatever you were working on. If you want be more efficient with your marketing, Hootsuite is a service that can save you time.

You probably have a million other things to do, and social media seems to just suck your time. It’s annoying to have to go in everyday to post, and you often forget.

I used to do that too, and hated it. It seriously made me nauseated sometimes to log into Facebook yet again and think of something to post. If social media is draining your life, you’re doing it wrong.

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But then I started to work smarter and came across Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a free service (with paid upgrades) that allows you to schedule your social media in advance across multiple channels.

There are a lot of features to Hootsuite, but I’ll just highlight the primary time-saving ones.

1. Create a Plan

It’s easy to do social media “on the fly.” It’s often because we’re busy, and so we come up with something last minute just to post it.

But you save so much more time and mental energy when you create a plan. Determine ahead of time what you’ll post each day of the week, and repeat that every week.

For example, here’s how I schedule Facebook for SparkFlow

  • Mondays – Inspirational Quote
  • Tuesdays – Blog post link
  • Wednesdays – Inspirational Quote
  • Thursdays – Lead Magnet Offer
  • Fridays – Interactive Question

The posts are different each week, but it follows the same category platform week to week.

2. Batch Your Work

I used to post things right when they needed to be posted. I would also create things when I needed to create them. That was such a huge waste of time.

You need to batch your work – do a bunch of tasks all at the same time. Then you don’t get distracted later on and have to stop what you’re doing to attend to social media

First, I batch  my creation work. I do graphics the week, all at once. I find all the blog posts that I want to link to at once, and put them in a list.

Next, I batch my scheduling. This is where Hootsuite comes in. Within Hootsuite, you can create a post, and schedule it to publish in the future. By doing it all at once, you can schedule your entire week’s social media posts in just a few minutes.


3. Post to Multiple Channels

If you manage multiple channels for your brand, even if it’s just Facebook and Twitter, it can be time-consuming. Some posts you want to craft specifically for each channel, but some posts you just want to be the same for both. But you have to log in to each account.

With Hootsuite, you can link up to 3 channels on the free plan. I generally have Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus with most of my brands, or Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

You then create one post and send it to all those channels.


With their Pro service, you can manage up to 50 different profiles, including Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram.

Other Features

Hootsuite has a bunch of other features that are time-saving:

  • You can view all your different feeds in one window (your posts, other’s posts, direct messages)
  • You can interact with your audience across all your channels
  • You autoschedule your posts so you don’t have to manually select the time

With Hootsuite Pro, you also get access to great analytics reports and can bring on team members to delegate social media posting. Here’s a special link to a 30-day free trial, so you can take advantage of all the features and see if it’s worth it:

Try Hootsuite Pro

I know it’s tiring to be on top of social media all the time. But if you can nail down planning your schedule and batching your tasks, you’ll save so much time. And using a tool like Hootsuite is going to be incredibly helpful for you.

What other challenges do you have with social media marketing? Let me know in the comments!

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