How to Drive Local Traffic with Twitter Ads

Driving convertible traffic to their online business is the goal of every entrepreneur. Just like other social media platforms, Twitter can be a great way to reach prospective clients. Twitter ads, a paid strategy for business marketing, can bring hundreds of conversions in no time.

Let’s learn how to use these ads to drive traffic:

1. Build Twitter Followers with Local Audience

The first step for driving local traffic to your online store is to build a strong online presence and gain a significant number of followers. The number of followers depends on the nature and size of your business. Small businesses can drive good business with just a few hundred followers, whereas international brands need much more.

If you do not have enough followers, you may use Twitter Follower Campaign. To create this campaign, create an account on Now select the “Create Campaign” option and choose Followers as an option. Twitter will then take you to the details page. Fill it with details related to budget, starting and ending date, funding source, etc. Now, set up a campaign by bidding against others. Generally, you need to pay $2.5- $3.5/ follower.

Use Twitter Demographics Settings

Use the demographic filter of Twitter and clearly define the targeted customers. You will be given some options like:

  • Age
  • Language
  • Gender
  • Location

Consider the nature of your business and fill in the options appropriately. For instance, if you have a spa and salon business, target young and middle-aged women instead of males. Similarly, if you have a local cleaning business, select the right location and language. Location is especially useful for driving local traffic to your online store.

You will also notice an audience feature on Twitter. It helps in targeting people based on their activities and behavior, for instance, keywords, topics, events, movies, interests, followers, etc., if you want to start a digital business, you will have to pay attention to these demographic factors.

Creative Ads

Give your target audience a reason to follow you. You can announce several giveaways and rewards for this. Today, prospects have become smarter than ever before; they need a strong reason for switching brands. Local businesses often announce discounts and promotional offers.

For instance, a salon business can announce a 10% off for new followers. Similarly, a taxation expert can give free consultation service to the first 50 followers. After entering all the details, you are all set to launch your Twitter Campaign.

Keep Prime Focus on Engagement

You have invested a good time and put a lot of effort into creating a campaign. This will ultimately result in increasing followers. However, you need to adopt strategies for retaining and engaging them as well.

Millions of followers will be of no use if there is zero engagement. Therefore, adopt unique strategies to keep the followers engaged. Some businesses start losing followers after some time because their content is not good enough to keep the followers engaged.

Therefore, focus on building interesting and engaging content such as multimedia posts, images, videos, and opinion based questions to keep your followers engaged. Research shows that engaged followers are more likely to make a purchase.

For instance, if you have a local bakeshop, you can tweet whenever the fresh donuts and cakes are ready. Also, give some tips and advice. People seek value; if they are getting some meaningful tips for free, they will welcome it!

2. Identification of Local Prospects

Besides using the Twitter ads, you may also want to find your potential clients directly on Twitter. For instance, think smartly about the words your prospects might be using. If you have a coffee business, potential clients might be using coffee, drinks, burgers, pasta, etc.

You can also go for an advanced search option. Be sure to select “anyone” in the options because you do not want your search only to followers. Phrase search is another option where you can type phrases for narrowing down your research.

Food business owners can search for phrases like best burgers, cheap fried chicken, buy-one-get-one-free chicken deals, etc. Searching through timeframe is also viable for some businesses where time selection plays a good role.

During your research, keep an eye on the comments and do not leave any chance of jumping into conversations. Grab this opportunity to interact with prospects.

3. Promoting Local Products on Twitter

After getting a good following, you need to use your Twitter account in the right way to drive traffic. Here are a few ways:

Guide People about Purchasing Your Product

Potential clients should know how to place an order for your product. Be sure to provide all details related to a contact number, address, email, etc. Some businesses provide a link that takes clients directly to a landing page. Also, make sure to mention timings when the shop is opened and closed.

Show Visuals

People love visuals. Images and short videos are a great option for catching the attention of your followers. For instance, makeup studios can post videos about the final touches of bridal make up. Photos and videos help in gaining the trust of the prospects.

Today, consumers have so many options to select from. When they see real videos and photos, they feel comfortable relying on a new brand. Additionally, post videos to show some behind the scene work. It will help people know about the commitment, hard work, and dedication of your brand.

For instance, if you are selling ready-to-wear clothes, show how the clothes are being stitched, ironed, and then complied for the display.

Wrapping It Up

In short, driving local traffic is the ultimate objective of every local business owner. You can easily create an ad campaign on Twitter by creating an account. Provide accurate details, set budget, and select audience precisely. However, be sure to offer something in return to the followers. Rewards and giveaways are an excellent tactic for attracting followers.

Once you have got a good number of followers, adopt key strategies for better engagement. Interact with your followers, give them valuable content, and let them learn something new from your brand.

Moreover, focus on identifying new prospects and promoting your local products on Twitter. Use the filters for searches about potential clients and keep posting videos and photos. Consistent use of the above-mentioned strategies will reap fruitful benefits for your local business.

Guest Article by Shaheryar
Shaheryar provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for ApCelero.

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