How to Create Momentum in Your Life & Business

You’ve hit a plateau. You feel stagnant.

You’ve experienced success in the past, but for some reason you can’t sustain it. You don’t know how to repeat it.

You know you’re capable of growth. You know you’re capable of greater things. You just don’t know when that will happen or how.

So you keep working away. You stay dedicated and persevere, though your motivation is slowly fading.

I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve been there. We’ve all been in ruts, but we don’t have to stay there.

Here are a few tips on what may be holding you down, and how you can create momentum:

You’re Stuck in a Pattern

You did things in the past that used to work for you. But now they don’t.

Yet for some reason, you keep doing it. It’s familiar and comfortable. You think that if you try harder or do it more often, you’ll experience success again.

But the reality is that you need change. You need something new. Doing the same things you’re used to won’t produce new results. That requires new action.

You’re Doing Things Randomly

You’re going after all the latest trends and fads.

Some work and some don’t. Some show a little bit of success, then fizzle out. So you quit and move on to the next trick.

To really see long-term, sustainable growth, you need a strategy. A plan that connects all the tips and tricks together so they build off of each other.

You’re Trying to Do Things On Your Own

You’ve done it on your own in the past, so you keep doing that now.

But the problem is you can only go so far by yourself. Your strengths have brought you to a certain level of success, but you’ve hit your own personal cap.

To continue growing, you need other people. You need partners, mentors, and advisors in all different forms. Other people can help give you the boost you need and sustain you to grow even more.


Change What’s Not Working

These are a few ideas that will help you create some momentum. Take a deeper look at these areas and see which ones you can work on.

Creating momentum is about doing things differently. It requires evaluating what you’re already doing and admitting that something’s not working. That can be difficult, especially when it’s established in your routine.

But if you can have the courage to make that change, it could set you on a completely new path.


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