How I Created My Online Marketing Strategy for 2016

How I Created My Online Marketing Strategy for 2016

It can be difficult to plan and project your business into the new year, but you can grow your business with the right online marketing strategy.

You have hopes that your business will succeed this year, but you’re a little uncertain about how to create a plan for that.

There are lot of things you want to happen… More social media followers, more engagement, more web visits, more leads, and more customers.

But how do you actually get there?

Without knowing how to set the right goals and the right plan, you’ll end up working through another year with minor gains, but not accomplishing anything significant or moving your business forward the way you want.

I took some time to reflect on how my business did over the past year and created an online marketing plan for the new year.

I’ll go through the goals and plans that I have and share with you how I arrived there, along with providing practical tips that you can follow in creating your own online marketing strategy.

How I Arrived at My 2016 Online Marketing Strategy

I took some time at the end of the year to reflect back on how my business did, which you should do too if you haven’t.

First, I asked myself what went well and should be continued.

This past year, I began planning, writing and scheduling my blog posts in advance, which both saved me time and steadily increased web traffic. I created a few lead magnets that were relevant to those blog posts, and saw a steady growth in my email list.

Then I asked myself what didn’t go so well and needed to be changed.

My business relied heavily on clients and individual projects. Because of that, it was difficult to anticipate work and I had ups and downs in income stream. My conversion rate towards clients also wasn’t very high, so I questioned the purpose and relevance of my blog and email optins.

Based on my reflections, I thought about what I wanted my business to achieve in the new year.

I want to move away from the ups and downs of client projects and into more steady flows of passive income. I want my social media, blog posts, and email marketing to work in sync to introduce my visitors to my products and services.

So I chose 3 primary areas to focus on this year:

1. Consistent & Intentional Blogging Strategy

There was a period of a few months here and there where I saw traffic grow, and that was when I had blogged weekly on a consistent basis. I also saw traffic plateau and decline when I had gone several weeks without blogging.

I’ve created a plan in which I’ll blog on a weekly, consistent basis to steadily grow traffic. They will also be themed monthly and quarterly to be in sync with my email optins and new products I’ll be creating.

2. Automated Systems for Lead Generation & Nurture

Though I’ve had my business for several years, it wasn’t until the beginning of last year that I created a few email optins and started gradually building my list. Then towards the end of the year, I created email automation systems to nurture those new leads.

This year, I’m leaning into it hard. I’ve found that free online video courses are the best lead magnets and lead nurture systems for my audience, so I’ll be creating more of those. This year I’ll be focused on creating a free blogging course, email marketing course, and marketing strategy course.

These free online courses will lead people towards my new products – paid online courses.

3. Move Towards Training & Resources

I enjoy building websites and managing social media marketing for brands, but the work is inconsistent. I also find myself doing a lot of custom training for different brands.

So this year I’m moving my business into an online course model.

I’ll create 3 more premium courses this year that coincide with the free courses – blogging, email marketing, and marketing strategy. These courses will allow brands who don’t necessarily need managed marketing and provide them with the training to do it on their own.

Set the Right Goals to Create a Successful Online Marketing Strategy

That’s my online marketing strategy¬†this year based on the evaluation of how my business did last year and where I want to take it.

If you don’t take the time to reflect on your business and be intentional with your plans this year, you’ll end up spending a lot of effort but not making any significant moves forward.

But if you take the time to reflect and decide which goals you want to pursue, you’ll have an incredible year for your business.

You can start today by setting the right goals. Read this article next:

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