How to Find the Best Website Domain Names for Your Business

Finding the right URL for your website is a big deal, but how do you get the one you want when so many of them already taken?

It’s time to create a new website.

Whether it’s for a brand new company, for a new project, or just rebranding, it’s important to get the perfect URL. But you’ll run into the same problem:

All the Domains You Want Are Taken!

Sometimes it’s by other businesses. Sometimes there’s not even a website there – someone just bought the URL and they’re sitting on it!

With an over-saturated market of websites, it seems impossible to find a good domain and you feel like you’ll have to settle for a .net or .biz, or throw in dashes into your name.

But before you go that far… stop yourself.

There Are Other Options

You can find a great domain for your brand. You don’t have to compromise or settle for something sub par.

First I’ll tell you some things you need to consider when looking for a new domain. Then I’ll show you how to find the best URLS.


What to Consider in a New URL

1. Keep it Short

Avoid really long domains. It’s a pain in the butt to type out. Also consider that it would be your email address as well.

2. Keep it Readable

When you vocally say your domain to somebody, it should be easy to type in. You shouldn’t have to explain further how to spell your domain. Also when it’s typed in, it should be clear to read.

For example, I changed my business name and website from because people would read it as “Spark U Parts” instead of “Spark Up Arts.”

3. Avoid Ambiguous Characters

If possible avoid using numbers in your domain name. Otherwise people will get confused as to whether they should spell out the number, or just use the numerical character. Also avoid words that sound like numbers, like “to” and “for,” as they can easily be mistaken for numbers.

4. Make Sure It’s Available on Social Media

URL’s are best when it’s also the same on social media. For example, my website domain is My handles on Twitter and Instagram are @sparkflowco, and my Facebook URL is

Some resources that will help you find available names across all social media platforms are and, which also allow you to search domain names at the same time.


How and Where To Find Available Domain Names

When looking for a URL I usually recommend searching on Namecheap as well as registering through them. Search on Namecheap because they have a wide range of domain endings, which I’ll talk about later.

But I suggest registering through Namecheap regardless of where you host your domain. That way if you ever migrate to a different hosting server (which I’ve done a few times), you don’t have to worry about moving you domain as well (which can get complicated). You just point it in a different place.

So what happens if the .com domain you want is taken?

Look for a Not Com Domain

In recent years, a lot of new TLDs (Top Level Domains) have been released, which help you find a good domain name. You know the typical TLDs – .com and .org, which are usually taken. There’s also the TLDs you really don’t want – .net, .us, or .biz.

But there are new TLDs released that are very specific to industries that will open up a lot more domain options, such as .photography, .restaurant and .center. So if something like “” is taken, you can use “” instead. It’s shorter than your original name and makes you stand out.

New ones are constantly being release every month. Here is handful of available new TLDs (and they can all be found on Namecheap):

Business TLDs

Here are some new TLDs if you’re a B2B company:


Nonprofit TLDs

These domains help you narrow down the type of charity you are:


Education TLDs

If you have a physical organization or an online course, these domain work great:


Freelancer TLDs

Here are some new domains for every type of freelancer:


Health & Fitness TLDs

For those websites on sports, exercise, or eating, these domains are what you need:


Restaurant TLDs

For those who have restaurants or cafes, these are great domains to identify yourself:


Shop TLDs

If you have a local physical store, these TLDs are perfect:



These are only a handful of the new TLDs available. You can browse Namecheap and find a lot of new TLDS.

Got a website with unique domain name? Share with me in the comments.

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