Creative Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

One of the most common justifications for being out of shape or unhealthy these days is the lack of time and energy after executing daily responsibilities. This is especially true for hardworking employees in today’s workforce. After working 8+ hours a day, it can be difficult to maintain a regular health routine, such as going to the gym and planning healthy meals. Although those activities do provide great balance to a person’s life, there are plenty of other activities that employees can add to their day-to-day that will also benefit their health.

Pay Attention to Posture

Most employees today engage with computers or other digital devices during the hours they spend in the office or working from home. During those hours, employees tend to slowly lean forward while interacting with computers, which puts stress on their neck, back, shoulders and chest. This can lead to rounded shoulders, back, neck, shoulder and chest pain, muscle fatigue and headaches.

In order to maintain a healthy posture, employees need to be conscious of their posture habits while sitting for prolonged periods of time. They can begin working toward healthier posture habits by practicing specific stretches at their desks and using a monitor stand or adjusting the height of their chair to keep their computer in their sightline. Once employees are made aware of their posture mistakes, they will be more inclined to correct them and will likely feel the difference almost immediately.

Take a Break and Get Active

Employees often try to complete as many tasks as possible throughout their day to keep up with projects, meet deadlines and leave the office on time. This leads to inactivity during the workday, which causes restlessness, lack of motivation, fatigue, poor concentration and overexposure to digital screens. All of these symptoms create office burnout and can be avoided by simply taking a break from your work and computer a few times a day and purchasing new blue light blocking glasses.

While taking a break from your work and screens, try getting together with some coworkers to take a walk on your lunch break or get a group together to do some office exercises. These kinds of simple activities will boost productivity and focus, while simultaneously giving your eyes a break. Digital eye strain is an additional complication employees face from engaging with their computers and sitting for too long, so taking those frequent breaks and using blue light glasses will help limit any negative effects.

Keep your Workstation Clean and Organized 

Flu season typically falls between the beginning of fall and the end of spring, which leaves employees vulnerable to illness for 7-8 months of the year. Illnesses spread more often and faster in close-knit spaces like offices, so employees should disinfect their desks 1-2 times a week. Additionally, it’s wise to limit contact with sick employees and work from home or take the day off if feeling ill out of respect for coworkers. Employees can also take personal hygiene a step further by keeping hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray at their desks if it’s not already offered at the office.

Employees should be mindful of their workspaces outside of flu season as well. Keeping desks organized and tidy limits distractions and makes finding supplies easier, encouraging employees to stay focused and productive.

A healthier lifestyle is within reach for anyone who is willing to make the effort. By adding a few specific habits into their daily routine, employees can begin bettering themselves right away. It simply requires some awareness and discipline.

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