5 Coding Languages Every Marketer Should Learn

You may not realize that coding can be a useful skill to learn outside of developer and programmer roles, but it can be a good idea for anyone filling any roll in an organization to learn. There are plenty of coding languages available to choose from, with various languages best suited for various tasks or programs. Here are five coding languages every marketer should learn.

7 Tips to Effectively Manage a Remote Customer Service Team

Remote working is quickly shifting from an exception to the new normal. Over the last five years, the number of people working from home has increased by more than 44%. 73% of teams will have remote employees by 2028. However, managing a remote support team has its own set of challenges, such as communication, tracking …

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How Digital Marketing Can Reach a Broader Audience Through Accessibility

Even with great digital content, the right targeting, and a well-strategized consumer journey; you might be missing out on a large group of potential customers. “How so?”, you might ask. Well, it’s because most digital marketing strategies forget to take into account a large section of society: people with disabilities. Content is seldom created for this group and rarely adjusted to be accessible to them as well. 

Research shows that not accounting for people with disabilities in your marketing strategy equates to losing out on over 61 million customer conversions in the United States alone. Not only does this mean that your marketing reach can increase immensely if you adapted for better accessibility, but also that the future necessitates accessible marketing

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