6 Websites to Create a Logo Online

When you need a logo to represent your brand, it’s best to hire a freelance logo designer or agency. But when you need to create something quickly, something simple for a side project, draft up an idea for to pass on to a designer, online logo creators can help.

4 Ways to Design Packaging that Sells

Great packaging can make the difference between a zero or a hero. For example, nearly two-thirds of wine drinkers select their wine based on the bottle. Another boozy stat comes from the beer segment where it is rumored size and flare of the tap handle can have a positive effect on sales. Namely a large, loud handle will sell more beer.

There are countless examples about presentation and why it is important but let’s get to the reason why we are here today: tips and tricks to designing packaging that sells. These are the steps I go through each time I sit down to create a new packaging design for one of my brands and I am sharing them with you.

How a Strong Logo and Brand Identity Boost Business

Your logo and your brand are the hallmarks of your business. They symbolize all that your company stands for in a single, inclusive image. A strong logo builds brand identity, making it easier for consumers to associate themselves and their lives with your business. Brand identity is crucial in competitive markets, and defining yours from the outset can boost your marketing and deliver the results your company deserves.

10 Best Sites for Free Stock Photos

We all need stock photos for websites, social media and print publishing. Yet it can take hours just to find the right ones. I’ve started using these free photo sites for all of my projects. You’ll find unique and amazing quality photos that will make your marketing material stand out from others.

Find the Right Fonts: 9 Tools & Resources for Typography

Find the Right Fonts: 9 Tools & Resources for Typography

Choosing the right font is essential for defining your brand, but with thousands of fonts available, it can daunting to figure out which ones to pick.

You shouldn’t pick a font that “looks pretty” or “stands out.”

Choosing a font style serves 2 main purposes. First, it helps your reader read. Second, it sets the tone for the message you want to communicate. If your font is difficult to read, you’ve already failed. That should be the easy part. What’s more difficult is finding a font that matches your brand’s identity.

I’ll share some resources that will help you find the right fonts, but first let’s get some basics down on the font types that are available.

Top Tools to Pick the Best Website Color Schemes

Top Tools to Pick the Best Website Color Schemes

Color scheme matters in website design. Yes, there are other aspects of a brand such as messaging, images, and fonts. But color sets the underlying tone for emotion. A good consistent color scheme can create a strong, recognizable brand on your website, social media, and print marketing. It can evoke instant reactions overtime whenever someone sees the color of your brand.

You Don’t Need Photoshop: 3 Free & Easy Graphic Design Tools

If you’re running a small team and don’t have a graphic designer in house, it can be rough to get graphics. You may need graphics done for social media posts, blog posts, website pages, PDF’s or print material. Photoshop is powerful and I love using it, but it’s certainly not necessary for simple graphics. But there’s a better way. In fact, it’s something I do all the time. There are free graphic designer programs that make it super easy to design to your hearts content with drag and drop interfaces. They’re easy to pick up even if you have no background experience. And best of all, they’re free!

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