8 Great Business Books I Suggest You Read

No matter what industry you’re in, you’re doing business. Understanding the principles of business help you excel in your field of work. There are tons of business books out there, but some are renowned as the staples of business. I’ll admit, reading isn’t a strength of mine, but I’ve put intentional effort into reading these books, and they’ve been transformative for my personal and professional life. Here are some of the top business books on my list, both classics and new ones.

How to Use Google Drive to Keep Your Team Organized & Productive

Whether you work alone or on a team, Google Drive is absolutely essential to keep your business organized and productive. Google drive offers you security by keeping a backup of your most important files. It helps you be efficient by allowing everyone to always have the right document. And it makes you productive because you can edit documents live together or on your own time.

Business Email Etiquette: Tips on How to Write Effective Emails

Email remains the dominant form of communication in the professional world, but it often times isn’t very professional at all. Most of us get annoyed by poorly written emails, yet we end up doing the same thing unaware of the poor email etiquette we’re using. So before you send your next business email, go through these professional email etiquette tips to ensure your email gets the point across and your recipient doesn’t hate you after opening it.

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