20 Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2020

Digital marketing is constantly changing. What’s working one year may be obsolete the next. And what’s unheard of one year could be the norm for the next.

For 2020, these are the marketing trends that I see will be most important to pay attention to and adapt. Some have been slowly growing for years and are reaching a tipping point. Others came out of nowhere due to advancements in technology.

You may not be able to adopt all of them, but find the trends that will best match your brand’s growth strategy for 2020.

How to Center Your Brand on Your Customers and What They Want

There are many reasons someone may want to become an entrepreneur. Maybe they are focused on profits or want to be their own boss. Some may just be looking to make their hobbies and passions lucrative. And of course, others may have specific creative visions they would like to share with the world. Despite the …

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Tips for Monitoring Your Online Reputation

Throughout most of history, an individual’s reputation could be managed by personal interactions, local rumors, backroom gossip, and the occasional good deed or public service announcement. However, as society has shifted laterally to newer forms of networking, the priorities of maintaining the reputation of both people and companies have changed as well.  At this point, …

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Why User-Centered Design Is So Powerful

Creating a blog and curating quality content is a key marketing strategy for many different companies these days — but simply creating a website doesn’t automatically equate to success. In fact, there are many different elements that go into a profitable blog or website, one of the most important of these being a user-centered design. …

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Top Font Combination Tools

It’s just a fact that everything is better in twos. Imagine all those buy-one-get-one-free deals that you see at your favorite store. How often do you actually leave the store with only one item? Or, think about a peanut butter sandwich without the jelly! Pairs never go out of style, and that’s just a fact. The best thing about good pairs? They make each individual entity better.

Why Truth in Advertising Is More Important Than Ever

Gone are the days when a company can say anything on a TV commercial and not be challenged by it. Only 20 or 30 years ago, there was no social media presence keeping companies honest and no Google reviews to indicate whether the claims were true or false. Transparency is needed, and no patented “secret” is going to fly in the age of digital marketing when it comes to explaining how your product works.

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