Your Business is Helping Rescue Girls from Sex Trafficking

What if the business that you do could drastically transform the lives of people who need it the most? When you do business with SparkFlow, you get to be part of that change.

A few times a year, I donate a percentage of all my business to a worthy cause that is making a difference in people’s lives. This spring, we’re going to help rescue and restore girls from sex trafficking.

Human trafficking is a horrific tragedy that is sadly very common in the world. It happens both in the shadows and hides in broad daylight. Victims are tricked, coerced or forcibly taken into captivity and sold for labor or sex. It’s modern day slavery.

Last year, and estimated 21 million people were trafficked – a quarter of them were children. In the US, 57,700 people were trafficked, including both immigrants and Americans.

The state I live in, California, is among the top 4 states with human trafficking. My area, Los Angeles and Orange County, has high levels of people being taken and used.

There’s an organization I volunteer with called Redeeming Love. They have shelter homes that help women who have be rescued out of sex trafficking to recover. The homes provide counseling and therapy, activities, and job training skills. Redeeming Love is in the process of raising money to build a new home in orange county.

For the months of February – April 2018, 10% of all my business income will be donated to Redeeming Love. So any service that you have through me during that time frame will go towards that cause. So simply by working with to build your brand, you’ll also be working to rebuild the lives of women who have suffered so much.

Redeeming Love is also having a gala on May 5, 2018 and is looking for sponsors. If your business would like to be a sponsor and get featured at the Gala, take a look at the different sponsorship levels you can contribute to.

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If your company is unable to contribute, but you would still like to make a donation personally, you can do so through my fundraising page here.

Thanks for working with me to build a great brand and build a better world.

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