Best Practices for Nonprofit PPC Campaigns

In pay per click, or PPC advertising, you pay an agreed upon amount for every click you get per ad. The payment is per click and not per displayed advertisement. It’s great if you might have a limited budget. This advertising model helps you set a maximum limit according to your budget and decide how much is to be spent on every click. You can select the keywords, phrases and groups where you want your advertisements to appear. Google Ads is a common PPC ranking system that will assess the cost per click that is being paid by advertisers and it will do the listing accordingly. If used correctly, PPC can help you get more donations and work for your benefit.

Benefits For Your Nonprofit

Customize Your Budget

As the budget of your nonprofit is limited, this mode of advertising helps you avoid over spending by allowing you to specify a limit for a day or even a month.

Target Specific Locations

If you are focusing on a regional audience, this advertising model helps you do so with ease. If you have an event that is going to take place only in a single city, you can target your PPC to that particular area. This way, you will be able to get contributions from people who live in the particular area.


You might think that PPC is a difficult process to follow, but this is just not the case. The PPC management interface has been made simple and all you have to do is choose a keyword, place a bid and advertise. Not only this, your advertisement will be visible to people 24×7 and they can make donations even at odd hours.

Accurate Targeting

You have to choose the accurate keywords according to your target audience, as only then will you be able to match the search criteria of your donors. This will enable them to reach your ads quickly.

Brand Awareness

If people do not know about your nonprofit, your ads will create brand awareness. Even if they do not click on your advertisements, they will at least see your ads and know about you.

Best PPC Practices

Many nonprofits have garnered robust support with the help of PPC advertising. You too can take a look at the below listed best practices and incorporate them in your campaign to reap better benefits.

Creating Targeted PPC Campaigns

It is one of the best practices that you need to apply. Think of a desired outcome from the beginning of the campaign so that you can focus on it throughout. Having multiple objectives will divert the attention of your donors. When you have a singular objective in mind, your nonprofit can direct traffic from PPC ads to the custom landing page and thereby increase your conversion rate. This way you can also measure the effectiveness of your campaign, and if you find it’s not working, changes can also be made immediately.

Define And Know Your Target Audience

Before creating a PPC campaign, it is important to know who will be interested in the message. When you know your audience, you also know what keywords would most likely be used by your donors. This way, creating the advertisement and bidding for specific keywords will be easier. Donations will flow in easily for you as you manage to touch the right cords.

Match The Advertisement With Your Landing Page

Simply driving traffic will not do. It is important for you to connect the content on your landing page with the advertisement. The content on the landing page has to invite donations from the users. Do not assume that the visitor will find the information on their own; you will have to guide them to the right page and show them the right motivating content so that they do not leave the website.

Track Your PPC Campaign Results

As a nonprofit, your PPC campaign’s results need to be measured. This can be done with the help of web analytics. A nonprofit can quickly and easily assess the success of its PPC campaign. If you find out that the campaign has not been effective in inviting donations and increasing the conversion rate, you can make changes accordingly. This will result in more effective PPC campaigns in the future.

Guest article by Diane H. Wong
Diane H. Wong is a search engine optimization specialist and business coach. Besides, she is a research paper writer at so she prefers to spend her spare time working out marketing strategies.

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