Best Black Friday Design Tools Deals that Businesses Can’t Ignore

Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t just opportunities for consumers to pick up bargains. They are also excellent for small businesses that want to expand their tech stack without inflating their budget. If you’re looking for the best Black Friday deals on design tools, you’ll find them here.

Many small businesses are doing all they can to cut costs, at a time when the global economy is shrinking and consumers and business customers alike are closing their wallets. But the right design tools are vital for your business to remain competitive and produce attractive content. That’s why Black Friday and Cyber Monday are an excellent time for you to score effective design tools at bargain prices.

Small businesses in particular can’t afford to field a full design team, so they rely on user-friendly design platforms that help their marketing team punch above their weight. To find the right tools at awesome prices, check out these 7 enticing offers.

1.   WiseStamp

WiseStamp is one of the most popular and easy-to-use email signature solutions around. Your emails get seen by hundreds of people every week, which makes them a great place to plug your business.

Replacing a run-of-the-mill signature line with an attractive signature that includes your logo and color scheme helps your name and business stick in the reader’s mind far longer. WiseStamp has hundreds of appealing signature templates that include social media buttons and hyperlinks, plus a signature manager so you can coordinate signatures across your organization.

Although there’s a free version, the pro version gives you access to many more templates and features, and the Black Friday 2020 offer of 50% off every plan means you have no excuse not to upgrade.

2. Creatopy

Banner ads catch the eye and draw attention to your business, promotion, or special offer. With Creatopy, you can quickly and easily create banners in every size and shape and for every channel, even if you don’t have much design experience.

Creatopy has a drag-and-drop editing platform where you can tap into a huge number of template layouts, stock elements, and fonts, or upload your own. With Creatopy it’s easy to go beyond the regular banners by making responsive, animated, and/or video banners, and adapting them to every social media or website situation.

For Black Friday 2020, you’ll enjoy 25% off annual subscriptions

3.   Canva

Canva is one of the best-known design platforms, beloved for being easy to use even for people without much background in design. As Canva adds more and more premium features, it’s well worth it to upgrade to Canva Pro.

Canva offers a wealth of templates for every design occasion and all your possible social media needs, alongside a massive library of stock images, fonts, layouts, and patterns. It’s also simple to upload your custom business design elements and include them in your assets.

Canva’s Black Friday 2020 deal offers you 4 free Pro accounts when you buy just one, so your entire team can have their own access.

4.   accessiBe

accessiBe offers an AI-powered accessibility solution that makes sure that everybody can enjoy your business assets, even if they have disabilities like low vision, color blindness, or hearing loss, or are consuming your content in poor lighting or while on the move.

It’s a shame to put effort into creating beautiful ads, landing pages, or white papers if your target audience will struggle to access them. accessiBe quickly and easily guides you to choose the best color combinations, contrast ratios, fonts, and more, while also dynamically crawling your digital content and automatically making accessibility adjustments.

This Black Friday, you can receive 30% off every accessiBe plan, so there’s no excuse for creating non-accessible design content.

5.   Envato

Envato is like Amazon for digital assets. It’s your one-stop shop for every kind of creative, including video, web, and graphic templates; stock photos and video clips; stock music and audio tracks, and more.

When you use Envato, you can save time and money on creating your own content elements. Choose the items you need from original and unique creative assets, and plug them into your marketing materials.

Envato’s Black Friday 2020 deals bring you even more value on high quality creative digital assets. 

6.   Visme

Infographics are one of the most popular ways to present statistics and research for quick and easy consumption, and Visme helps you create them quickly and easily.

Visme serves as a single location for you to store all your media assets, enabling smoother collaboration on visual content creation of all kinds, including infographics, videos, and presentations. Visme also provides you with thousands of templates, audio and video clips, stock photos and vector icons, and other vital design elements.

For Black Friday 2020, Visme is offering 20% off all their annual plans, making it even more affordable to design fast, professional visual content.

7.   InVideo

Video is one of the most popular content formats and converts at a high rate, but it can be time-consuming to produce it without a dedicated video team — or an intuitive video platform.

InVideo is an easy-to-use video editing platform that helps speed up and simplify the process of creating professional-looking video content. You’ll find hundreds of premium video templates for social media or any other content need, plus intuitive tools for building custom templates.

InVideo is offering an impressive Black Friday deal of 50% off their regular prices for Business and Unlimited annual plans.

Black Friday is Your Chance to Score the Design Tools You Need

When you invest in easy to use and intuitive design tools, you’ll enable your employees to create appealing marketing materials that attract and convert new customers, keep your content sharp, and make sure your website and other assets look professional. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on platforms like WiseStamp, Envato, Bannersnack, and more are the best time to pick up these tools at bargain prices.

Guest Article by Smith Willas
Smith Willas is a freelance writer, blogger, and digital media journalist. He has a management degree in Supply Chain & Operations Management and Marketing and boasts a wide-ranging background in digital media.

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