Steven Ma

I'm a web designer, marketing consultant, and the creator of this site. You'll find me reading in coffee shops or snowboarding down mountains.

The Science of Productive Work [Videos]

Everybody would love to be more productive. So we read blogs and books, download apps, sleep less, drink more coffee, and a million other things to try and get more productivity out of our days. And a lot of it is helpful and works. But rather than solely approaching productivity from a psychological, business, or even technology mind-frame, what if it was science?

Business Email Etiquette: Tips on How to Write Effective Emails

Email remains the dominant form of communication in the professional world, but it often times isn’t very professional at all. Most of us get annoyed by poorly written emails, yet we end up doing the same thing unaware of the poor email etiquette we’re using. So before you send your next business email, go through these professional email etiquette tips to ensure your email gets the point across and your recipient doesn’t hate you after opening it.

How To Sleep Less and Have More Energy Throughout the Day

For many of us that run small business, or are just extremely busy people with a lot on our plate, we all wish that we didn’t have to sleep. So we try to cut back, pull late nights and all-nighters, but usually it just makes us more and more tired. So how we sleep less, and be more productive and energetic throughout the day?

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