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I'm a web designer, marketing consultant, and the creator of this site. You'll find me reading in coffee shops or snowboarding down mountains.

How to Plan a One Year Marketing Strategy in 5 Steps

You know you should have a marketing strategy. It would really help you get ahead of the game and not be so frantic all the time.

But you don’t because it feels so overwhelming. Planning is not your strength. You’d rather just do. Where would you even start?

Because you don’t plan, you end up missing a lot of opportunities. You’re always pulling together last-minute, half-baked marketing campaigns. And it causes you a lot of stress.

You should make a marketing strategy, and you should plan it for an entire year. It’s not that hard. I’m going to show you how to it in 5 steps, and you can do it under half an hour.

Branding Your Nonprofit Means Branding Your Donor

Nonprofits often think of branding as how they want to present themselves. True, effective branding is actually how they present their donors. Nonprofits struggle with connecting donors to the mission. You may have this same challenge. You try to communicate how good and important your work is. You try to show the impact that you’re …

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