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11 Tricks to Create Great Facebook Ad Designs

Facebook is a true giant in the social media world with over 2 billion monthly users. By introducing Facebook Ads, they opened up a new chapter in modern marketing techniques. They provide opportunities for both large and small businesses to advertise their services and engage with the target audience. So if you are currently working on your marketing strategy, keep in mind that Facebook Ads have to be one of the priorities.

So why should you start using Facebook Ads?

Social Media Mistakes that B2B Companies Make While Defining a Target Audience

There are many mistakes that B2B organizations commit when promoting their products and services on social channels. These mistakes may seem small at first, but they can produce a lot of “unpleasant” side-effects such as the loss of reputation, customers, and opportunities.

We’ll discuss the mistakes that most B2B companies do while defining their social media target audience. Pay attention and never repeat these mistakes again!

10 Myths About Using Instagram to Help Your Business

Maintaining an active Instagram presence is mandatory these days if you are serious about growing your business. However, there is still a significant percentage of companies and individuals which aren’t tapping into the business potential Instagram can provide. The problem is that Instagram is perceived as a network that is mainly there for fun, a platform for college students and teenagers to post their selfies, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

4 Ways to Design Packaging that Sells

Great packaging can make the difference between a zero or a hero. For example, nearly two-thirds of wine drinkers select their wine based on the bottle. Another boozy stat comes from the beer segment where it is rumored size and flare of the tap handle can have a positive effect on sales. Namely a large, loud handle will sell more beer.

There are countless examples about presentation and why it is important but let’s get to the reason why we are here today: tips and tricks to designing packaging that sells. These are the steps I go through each time I sit down to create a new packaging design for one of my brands and I am sharing them with you.

Just What Are Accelerated Mobile Pages And What Do They Mean For Your Business?

Since the debut of accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) in February 2016, this alternative option for mobile web users has become immensely popular. In fact, little more than a year later, there were already more than two billion pages powered by this technology.

So what exactly is an AMP? What makes it so powerful? And how can you apply this growing technology to your web design strategy? Here’s everything you need to know to get started, plus a little more to help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Seven Strategies for Effective Influencer Marketing

Seven Strategies for Effective Influencer Marketing

Many of today’s top brands use influencer marketing to promote new products and campaigns. It is a tried and tested marketing strategy that delivers results in gaining traction for new brands to get recognition or for existing brands to gain a new set of customers. When done right, making use of influencers to head your campaign can drive staggering numbers in boosting a brand’s audience or getting more engagement for your best products. To have the best chance of success, however, brands need to take note of these seven strategies for effective influencer marketing:

email marketing workflows

Using Email Marketing Workflows for Your Business: 10 Great Types to Consider

No modern marketing campaign is complete without an email approach. You can try and reach new clients and stay in touch with existing ones in person, but that limits your reach. And you can try and stay in contact over social media, but then you’re competing with their friends, favourite band, and grumpy cat for attention. An email relationship is one of the few ways you can really keep their attention, let them get to know you, and keep them coming back to your site.

Of course, we can’t always stay in touch with clients on a personal level. We have a business to run, and eventually we will have way too many clients to talk to them all personally about everything. The solution is an email workflow. This allows us to tell our clients about everything that may interest them, remind them of our services, and ask for input, whilst reserving our personal attention for orders, complaints, and new relationships.

But how do we get started setting up an email marketing workflow?

Why Most Marketing Campaigns Fail

There are few fields that see more fruitless efforts than marketing. For such an important part of the business world, it has a well-established possibility of accomplishing a whole heap of nothing much in particular.

This makes a lot of people wary about the prospect of investing in a marketing campaign, which then proves frustrating to the great marketers out there who are actually capable of delivering consistent results.

What businesses and marketers alike need to keep in mind is how things can go horribly wrong. If you know what causes the possible pitfalls, you can figure out how to avoid them.

As such, let’s look at why most marketing campaigns crash and burn.

7 Ideas for Taking a Break from Work

Time flies when you’re insanely busy. I know, I know, that’s not how the phrase goes. But time doesn’t just fly when you’re having fun—it can also speed by when you have your head down, pounding through work and projects. And then all of a sudden before you know it, it’s been a week.

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