6 Marketing Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Marketing your business can be tough — there are so many factors to consider and so many ways to make mistakes. It can be overwhelming, especially when you are just starting out. There is a lot of information about marketing, but as a start, here are six marketing mistakes to look out for.

Targeting That Is Too Broad

If you just start a marketing campaign without any research or thought, you could be wasting a lot of time, energy, and money. Even experienced marketers can have a hard time reaching people who have an interest in their product or service. You have to make sure you do your homework and identify the right audience for your marketing (this may be easy for a flower company around Valentine’s Day but more difficult if you are running a software engineering company that specializes in SRE). Fortunately, social media platforms offer tools to make this easier than ever nowadays. These tools can help you to determine marketing pay dirt, such as the age group and geographical area of your target customer.

Sending Out the Wrong Message the Wrong Way

This goes along with the mistake of “broad targeting.” You not only have to do research to find your target audience for marketing, but you also have to figure out which message will resonate the most with that audience and how best to get it to them (social media isn’t the only option, after all). Also, don’t forget that even after you start your marketing campaign, the research doesn’t end. Modern technology has made it very easy to track every stage of your campaign to see what is working and what isn’t; the trick is to use that research to your advantage.

Not Using an ‘Angle’

What makes your business so special? Why should customers buy from you? What is it about your business that is amazing? You need to have the answers to these questions and then use them in your marketing campaigns. Don’t just settle for saying you are “the best” or “highest rated,” either — these are pretty vague terms that just about anyone can claim. Figure out what separates your business from the rest, and make sure the world knows why they should come to you!

Giving Up Too Quickly

It takes time to get the word out about your business, and it takes time for people to respond to your message. People are bombarded with hundreds of advertising messages every day. They see them everywhere they look. Research shows that people have to see an ad several times before they even notice it. That’s why it’s important to keep going, even when it seems like you aren’t getting results, and it’s also important to build the right brand so that when potential customers do see your ads, they recognize them as belonging to your company.

Ignoring Your Current Customers

Offering something for new customers is a great way to garner some attention — but what about your old customers? They’ve stood with you for all of these years, and they are loyal to your company. Treating your long-time clients the right way ensures that they will stay with your company, while reminding them that you are there (perhaps also reminding them that it is time to request your services or buy from you again). It also shows new customers that you really do care and you really do value customers, whether they are old or new.

Not Investing in Your Marketing

Marketing doesn’t have to be horrendously expensive, but some investment is required in order to get the most out of it you can. It may be difficult to think of putting money towards marketing when you’ve got so many other expenses that can’t wait. However, more money spent means reaching more potential customers and turning them into lifelong customers — and that’s the idea, right?

Marketing is an art, but it is one you can master! Take it slow and keep these tips in mind before scaling up your marketing campaign and really bringing those customers in.

Guest Article by Kevin Gardner

Kevin Gardner graduated with a BS in Computer Science and an MBA from UCLA. He works as a business consultant for InnovateBTS where he helps companies integrate technology to improve performance. 

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