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20 Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2020

Digital marketing is constantly changing. What’s working one year may be obsolete the next. And what’s unheard of one year could be the norm for the next.

For 2020, these are the marketing trends that I see will be most important to pay attention to and adapt. Some have been slowly growing for years and are reaching a tipping point. Others came out of nowhere due to advancements in technology.

You may not be able to adopt all of them, but find the trends that will best match your brand’s growth strategy for 2020.

20 Marketing Lessons to Succeed in 2020

I’ve been in branding and marketing for the past 10 years, but I learn new things every year. That’s because marketing is always changing, and what’s relevant and effective is different of each organization.

his past year, I’ve noticed some things that seem common across most organizations. Here are 20 lessons that I’ve learned in my experience from this past year alone, and how you can use them to grow your own brand in 2020.

6 Websites to Create a Logo Online

When you need a logo to represent your brand, it’s best to hire a freelance logo designer or agency. But when you need to create something quickly, something simple for a side project, draft up an idea for to pass on to a designer, online logo creators can help.

Good Branding - 4 Examples of the Long-Term Intangible ROI

Good Branding – 4 Examples of the Long-Term Intangible ROI

Branding is one of those things that’s hard to define and measure, but is absolutely essential for building a business that will last. When people think of branding, what usually comes to mind is a logo, colors, maybe a catchphrase.

But branding goes so much deeper. It’s about how people think about you, why they think about you, and how often they think about you. That translates into how they talk about you.

How to Create a Social Media Schedule

How to Create a Social Media Schedule

If you create a social media schedule, you’ll be a lot more likely to succeed in your online marketing.

Most businesses starting out on social media try to post as much as they can, or simply whenever they can. Sometimes they post whenever something comes to them. That’s a recipe for failure.

Being successful on social media (getting actual revenue from your marketing efforts, not just likes) requires consistency and commitment. That starts with creating a schedule that you can follow.

Here’s how to get started.

What Toys 'R' Us Should Have Done to Stay in Business

What Toys ‘R’ Us Should Have Done to Stay in Business

Toy ‘R’ Us is closing down. While many saw the this as a slow and inevitable death, it still sends shockwaves through the business community.

They were the top leader in their industry for decades, and in an industry that is still growing today. So there’s a lot of speculation around what they did wrong, and what they could have done differently.

There’s the business finance side, where many question their choices of going public, having Amazon handle their fulfillment or practices that led them into debt.

But I’m going to take a look at the branding and marketing perspective because it affects large corporations and small businesses alike.

What to Post on Social Media: 5 Categories to Generate Ideas

What to Post on Social Media: 5 Categories to Generate Ideas

It’s time to write your next social media post, but you sit and stare at the empty status space not knowing what to say. A lot of people have this problem, from newbie business owners to veteran social media managers.

It’s frustrating when you lack the creative inspiration to com up with something, and a waste of time when you sit there just staring at the screen.

I’ve come up with a simple method of helping your generate ideas for social media posts. Ideally, you would set this to a plan or schedule, but you can also use it to come up with stuff on the fly.

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