7 Ways to Dominate Social Media Marketing in 2020

Businesses have been making the optimum use of social media platforms with the intention of improving brand awareness, increasing sales and developing a solid customer base. The use of social media by companies has worked on behalf of the customers because they have managed to communicate better with brands before making purchase decisions.

The exposure of companies has also dramatically increased, boosting small businesses and startups that don’t have widespread recognition. After opening the business’ page or account on social media platforms, you need to come up with a plan of action to successfully use this tool.

Here are seven ways on how you can dominate social media marketing in 2020.

Generate video content

Millennials make up the majority of the online social media audience and their presence continues growing every day. Because of that, you need to deliver content in a way they would like to receive and that is through using video content. Millennials are constantly on the move and reading long posts with lengthy text irks them because they consider it a waste of time.

On the other hand, video content makes their life simple as they don’t have to read but only listen and watch. They can do that even in transit or while they enjoy breakfast, while, on the other hand, reading might require their full attention.

You don’t have to have a fancy setup to create appealing videos, as long as you have a smartphone, good lighting, and editing software.

Also, consider adding subtitles to the videos you generate because some prefer watching videos on mute if they are around people. Don’t make your videos too long so much that it bored the targeted audience, rather make them brief and straight to the point but yet very informative.

The growth of popularity amongst video content has grown very much over the past two years and predictions are that it will continue surging.

Social media stories

As mentioned above, millennials don’t like spending too much of their time reading lengthy text-based posts. Rather they prefer visual posts that they can watch and listen to. Therefore, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have launched new features called stories and on WhatsApp, it was given the name My Status.

These stories omit the use of long posts that the majority of followers won’t read. Instead, you can just include pictures  and videos to engage the targeted audience and also grow your social media following.

You can also use interesting GIFs that will appeal to the masses following you or visiting the social media page you manage. They initially originated from Snapchat and it grew from then and caught the eye of Mark Zuckerberg. YouTube Premium also has its own version of this feature, where users can post videos and be featured at the top of the video feeds.

Social media stories will help you be pinned at the top of the page of social media users following you. In that way, your post won’t be buried under hundreds of other posts, limiting people who can see it.

Using social media stories can also help you create polls and ask the audience following you some questions. That will increase the rate people engage with you online and improve their customer experience.

Partnering with influencers

The influencer field is a rapidly growing subsector that has propelled most businesses to grow their social media presence and increase their revenue. The social media marketing tactic of using influencers has been well-established and will only grow in the future. Social media marketers highly recommend partnering up with influencers that can market the brands you are selling to a very large audience.

According to a report, companies generate a Return on Investment of $5.20 for each dollar spent on this effort of social media marketing. The reason behind that is really simple, social media users are very skeptical about company promoted adverts and they don’t trust corporations that don’t have a human touch.

Instead, they trust the recommendation of someone whom they can recognize. When marketing using someone else they follow, they will have more faith in the product.

Social media users look up to influencers and they trust that they wouldn’t use products that would sabotage them. As a result, they will trust your product if you get an influencer to present it before his audience. You can even start out by using micro-influencers to promote the social media pages you run and the products you’re selling.

Carefully plan the posts and the right time to do so

The posts you use for social media marketing is very important and should be optimized to reach a larger audience. There are various ways of doing but timing is very important. You need to figure out the perfect time to post social media content and that is around the same time when your audience is awake and not at work.

For creating the perfect content for social media, use professional writers who can work out the stories, product-related ebooks, web content, uk writings or top resume writing services in business and market research. Content is king and you should not compromise on the quality of it. From creative writing to academic dissertation service and punchy one-liners to landing pages, the expert writers know the job.

You don’t have to do a lot of guesswork; instead, you can use online tools that gather data and tell you the most efficient times to post. Also, the posts themselves need to be inviting and attract a larger audience. To attract a larger audience, you can use hashtags strategically to draw more people to see the post.

Carefully choose hashtags, you can even use tools that will help you pick out the best ones that are trending. However, don’t just add hashtags meaninglessly, rather carefully choose the ones related to the post you’re making and the business at large. That will increase your exposure and draw more clients to the page you’re managing.

Social commerce

Social media has been very useful among online shoppers to make purchasing decisions. The photos, videos, and other content has made it more engaging and fun and enable them to make a more informed decision.

Undoubtedly, social media has been integrated into the customer journey of online shoppers because they can also get information from customers that have bought that item they are considering. Because of that, they can get access to unbiased reviews and other user-generated content (UGC) that helps them make a decision.

Well, social media platforms have taken a twist that was expected, which is to integrate an online shop. Facebook introduced marketplace for people to easily sell their products while Instagram introduced shoppable posts or help of grademiners review and essay writing service. Positioning yourself for the growth of this concept will help you effectively utilize this tool and generate more revenue for yourself.

Social media platforms have taken great strides with making this a reality and have improved the user-experience of buyers. The sales funnel is also decreased because you don’t have to draw potential customers to the website and from them try to close a sale. Everything can be done there and then if they loved your products.

AI-powered chatbots

Nothing annoys social media users than not being responded to instantly. Sometimes this may not be your fault because there are other aspects of the business you need to take care of.

For example, you may be too focused on fulfilling orders and don’t find the adequate time to respond to direct messages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Those customers may be enquiring about a certain section of the customer journey that they don’t understand.

If they don’t get an immediate response, they might jump ship and turn to the competition. Because of that, you can use chatbots that will take care of the messages that come in when you are busy with something else. These AI-powered tools use preprogrammed responses according to the questions asked.

You can add frequently asked questions and their answers to help with instantly answering clients. When implementing a chatbot system into the business you are running, you will improve all social media marketing efforts because fast responses will retain customers.

You can also save a lot of money by using chatbots instead of having a large workforce dedicated to answering customer complaints.

Use social media analytical tools

Once you have implemented a fully-fledged marketing strategy, you need to determine whether it is effective or not. If you don’t use design for you Social Marketing, you won’t know where to improve and what you need to focus on. That can be detrimental to the marketing strategy you are running because it could be costing more money than it is making for you.

Set milestones for yourself and use social media analytical tools to determine if you met them. There are also other tools that can help you more proactive that can you determine the best strategy for your business. They give you more data about the audience you are targeting and the best means to reach them.

In that way, you will implement a more efficient marketing strategy and will better reach the targeted audience. You can implement both analytical tools to help have a proactive approach and also be reactive whenever you need to do so.

The bottom line

Social media marketing is a very great way to increase the online presence you have and retain the following you have earned. You can develop a social media marketing strategy by creating more video content that engages the audience. Above that, using stories is an effective way to stay at the top of the feeds of potential customers.

AI can also be used to retain customers when businesses implement chatbot systems on their direct messaging apps. As social commerce is on the rise, you should position yourself to effectively join this sector and scale your operations and leverage the returns you are making.

Guest article by Sharon Hooper

Sharon is a digital marketing specialist and content writer from Manchester, UK. Currently, she is working as a marketer for essay writing websites. She shares valuable information and the latest trends in digital marketing with her followers through her blogs.

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